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facebook login on gear vr

When i try to login on my oculus app on my phone i press continue with facebook but then it says, For your account security, logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled.You many be able to continue by updating the app youre logging in...

WVR420 by Level 2
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Controller not working

Bought a used oculus go tried to set it up previously but the controller would not work. And now I need to factory reset it and don’t know how to get into the other account to do so

wyattjr by Level 2
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where can I buy left oculus controller?

Where can I buy a left or two oculus quest controllers (1) or some compatible oculus quest controller I am not interested in repairing the controller and I do not see There is no end and the original website of the oculus does not want to help in any...

Chuwdu by Level 2
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Oculus Go not Charging or Powering on?

I've seen some posts lately about people having this problem... and then I started to experience it myself. I tried using 3 chargers and some different cables and the headset still would not start charging or power on. I thought the unit was dead.I c...

Oculus go white light won’t turn on

I just got my oculus go and every time I try to press or hold the power button there is a flashing green light and I’ve held it for like 30 seconds and the white light still won’t turn on, how do I fix this

tr07fam by Level 2
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Oculus Cloud Backup for Oculus Go

There is the cloud backup feature for other Oculus devices, but not for the Oculus Go. This would be a great feature as when I was trying to resolve a casting problem on my Oculus Go, it required a factory reset, which would wipe all my data saved to...



Can you name your headsets?

Hi, I have 12 headsets for work, and it would be very helpful if you could name the headsets so in the phone apps you can see which ones are one in the list.Thanks

Cant associate after a factory reset

I did a factory reset to change the fb account and now bluetooth does not associate: it asks me for a passkey for pairing (which I cannot enter in the viewer, so pairing fails) and it is not possible to proceed further. Already tried to repeat the re...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go Glass Spacer

Hi all! I recently purchased an Oculus Go for a flight sim software that has legacy support for Go. Since the headset if off market, I bought it pre-owned and just realized that it didn't come with the glass spacer. I contacted Oculus support (I coul...

Reset GO

Are there Oculus reps on this forum? We have a Go for a couple of years that we want to use again. We lost our Pin and user account info. When we try to buy an app we are forced to enter a pin we don't have so we cant purchase any apps.When we try to...

serial number issue

so my son been begging me for a oculus for christmas that i just cant afford. i found one today for cheap at a pawn shop and bought it for him. he is gonna be so happy. so i wanted to test it just to make sure it works and i downloaded the app on my ...

Oculus Go - Avatar Won’t Setup

Hi All, A new Oculus Go user here. I can’t get my Avatar setup within the headset. It takes me to a set of avatar images and it gives you an option to select ‘randomise’ and the app crashes. I have rebooted the headset but the same thing happens. See...

Ecran de chargement bloqué sur Oculus GO

Bonjour, Je possède 20 casques oculus Go pour mon entreprise. Ne les ayant pas utilisés depuis quelques mois, j'ai voulu en rallumer 2. Tout se passe bien, je les reconnecte au WIFI et là, les ennuies commencent. L'écran devient noir puis se rallume ...

Oculus Go not powering on

My oculus go will no longer power on. When I plug it into the charger, it blinks orange then green. I need help.

Architects using the oculus go

HELP! i used to use the 360 ​​photos app to present my virtual reality images on oculus go. All of a sudden the app stopped working in oculus. Somebody PLEASE know another app that me make it possible to display the images in the oculus?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Home has stopped

Ok so I bought a oculus go and have set it up and every time I try to make an avatar it says oculus home has stopped. After that I factory reset my oculus and tried again and it said oculus home has stopped again. What can I do to make my oculus go a...

Bzigy33 by Level 2
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Oculus go controller no longer works at all

I reached out to support after already replacing the battery for it and still nothing. I’ve looked on eBay which is being sold too expensive and cannot seem to find another controller anywhere. I asked the oculus support site to notify me for updates...

Resolved! Oculus Go - Store not loading

I'm currently having issues with my Oculus Go. The problem is the store not loading on the Oculus Go. It keeps saying... Home menu - sorry, something went wrong Please try again later. button [try again]Store menu - No internet connection I can howev...


how do i cast to my smart tv from my oculus go ?

Resolved! Pinhole on bottom side of oculus go

What does the pinhole on the bottom of the oculus go go to? Is it some kind of reset? If I supposedly stuck a paperclip end in there is that bad? This information should be something that is documented not something that you have to dig for. (My go i...

Browser, Fonts are too big (Zoom, Size of Font)

For my eyes i found the view, the font in the browser way to big and the browser window too small (not high enough). In sum this leads that you have to scoll a lot. Not only vertical but also horizontally. 1. Ist it possible to change settings someho...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go won't let me create an avatar

I'm trying to set up my Oculus Go after a factory reset and when I go to edit my avatar and then hit the "Randomize" button the device crashes. It says that I am on the latest version.

J-Dog-O by Level 2
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To Mr.Zuckerburg

Hey Mr.Zuckerberg @ZucksZuckerburg please make the Oculus cheap or that can fit the budget to the people so that many people will buy Oculus and enjoy the VR. Thank you

Problem with wifi connection

Having a problem with the Oculus Go internet connections. Some apps say there is no internet connection however the browser works fine. WIFI is connected and strong. Home page doesn't show internet material. Oculus rooms wont load. However the browse...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus Go. Is this possible?

Hello All I have a Quest 2 and two Oculus Go Headsets and was wondering if it were possible to use them all together should I have friends visiting? All the devices are currently logged in using my only Oculus account details, and ordinarily I would ...

Oculus Go Controller is dead

Oculus Go Controller won't work anymore. Changed batteries but still nothing. Is there anything else to do. Headset is working but the controller no. Worst thing I can't find a replacement to order anywhere. Any ideas?