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Oculus Rooms - weather changes?

Hi! I'm brand-new to all this! I just got done customizing my room a bit and I noticed that today it's cloudy in there as opposed to clear skies two days ago.Is this a random weather change setting or does it actually pull information about your real...


Hey guys,I just got an Oculus Go. I'm loving it so far...but any tips and tricks? Where do I start? What do I do? Any must-do apps?So far, I've played a few of the free games. (The horror stuff is amazingly neat.) I downloaded Hulu/Netflix but haven'...

Faulty pixel, again... - How to take a proper pic??

I now have my second GO with a faulty pixel.The first was basically a total loss due to the warranty restrictions Oculus has.After using the second GO now for about a week I first though there is some dust on the lenses.Could only see a faint pixel f...

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Gun Sight for Go - Horrible FPS!

Hi guys,Just an FYI, this experience is unplayable for me due to very poor fps. It's advertised as compatible for the Go. Anyways, i'm here ato as a means to advise Oculus and fyi, I have also sent an email to the developer to either update the app o...

New and completely lost, help please?

I just bought 2 Oculus Go headsets for my sons for Christmas, and I also THOUGHT I was buying three "packs" to be used as well. Well, turns out the "packs" are in my account, ( not on "My Orders" in my Oculus account, only on the phone app?) so I dow...

Hygiene Covers for Oculus Go

Hi!I'm working in a childrens' hospital play therapy department, and we got three GO's as a donation. Very nice indeed! Now, I'm on the hunt for some kind of disposable or reusable hygiene covers for the units? Anyone know where to find something lik...

Oculus Go a good purchase/gift for International Users?

As a company, we are buying some international clients Oculus Go's... But before we do that, we need to know if this is a smart purchase for international users? What is the plugin/charger situation? Are the apps internationally friendly/available? W...

Any way to make the tilting function more consistent ?

It is a nice feature to be able to center the homescreen if you are laying down.Just far more relaxing if you ask me.Only problem is that is totally fails for the non VR apps like Skybox.I can start Skybox, then sit up to select what I want, start th...

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Oculus rift and go cross platform games

So there are a few Oculus Go and Oculus Rift games. So if I buy one on either platform, can I play it on both? And if I can must I play individually or can I play simultaneously?

Unable to access Facebook Photos in Oculus Rooms

Whenever im in my Oculus Room and I go to the media section and click TV then click the option to share my Facebook Photos all I get is a spinning circle and it wont go past that. It's so frustrating. I have tried everything from restarting my Oculus...

Minecraft Oculus GO Edition needs YOU!

We have been doing really great on the votes, and have confirmation from a Minecraft dev that if we blow up the Oculus GO votes, it WILL be prioritized. Please vote on Minecrafts feedback site here:-https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/p...

oculus go boardgame

hello I love table games a lot, I would like to know in the future which ones will be developed for oculus go

180° or 360° camera support?

I tried to figure out how get some content from my new cam onto the GO.To my surpise the videos were no problem at all but I really struggle with the pictures.Well, at least for the intended use.What I would like to do is using my own 360° images as ...

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MAC Address for Oculus Go Wi-fi access?

At the university where I work, our networks either use captive portals (where a webpage/user agreement is presented to the user before they are granted access to the network--currently, these are explicitly not supported on the Go) or I need to regi...

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Uploading Self-made clip

I am purchasing an Oculus Go to play 180 VR clips I produce myself. What file types are the most capable when uploading them to the headset? Are there any sizes or types that have seen the most success in terms of quality?

Actual visual experience vs. the Oculus Store demo

Disclosure - I am new to VR and wear tri-focal glasses. Is anyone getting anything close to the clarity and resolution depicted in the store's demo of the apps? Some apps are better than others but I have not found any yet that any better than, say a...

can't get the headset to connect to the laptop

new to this product.have a new acer nitro with amd parts. have twice confirmed specs meet Oculus requirements. the laptop sees the headset and even gets the headset's serial number but it never ahows connected. Either the laptop goes back or the rift...

Reproduction in several

Hi, I need to play a video in several (10-20) Oculus Go at the same time, but I require 360 ​​videos to be reproduced in the best possible quality.Does anyone know of any application or form to do this?Thank you so much

Unity Linear Fog - How To?

Hi all  Have tried just about everything I can think of to get Unity's default linear fog (or exp) to work in my scene on the GO. Some people say it works, others that it doesn't. Any clues what I could be doing wrong - an export setting perhaps - s...

Better options and consistency in the store

I do get the concept of making it easy for a user and why providing "suggestions" is so important.But I also do get the feeling for a need to do without it from time to time.Let me give you some examples:I go in to the store to look for games.The fir...

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Day 1 Review: GO is a welcome addition to the Rift Family

I just spent 2 hours in my Oculus GO headset, and so far I must admit that I am more impressed than I anticipated. The biggest breakthrough for me with this product is the amazingly seamless integration with WebVR. I will cover that and more below.I'...

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Oculus GO and compatibility with iPhone 8

Good morning. I am looking at purchasing a VR goggle solution for my father in law (who has everything TBH). I've read many different reviews, and community postings about the GO and iPhone use.I understand from the information on the website that th...