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New Movie Releases

Hi. Just got a Go & was wondering where is the best place to get current movies. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. 

Highest playable video resolution

What is the max video resolution that is playable on the Oculus Go?I can happily play 4k videos (3840 x 1920 pixels), although I recently discovered the Go can also play 4096 x 2048 resolution videos.However, the Go won't playback 5k videos very smoo...

Tour De France or similar...

I'm looking for an app (or similar) that will put me in Le Tour. I'd love to have some sort of experience while I'm grinding away on the exercise bike. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

mcgill by Level 2
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Nose Gap

Am I the only one disturbed by the nose gap on the Oculus Go? I am using the glasses spacer but even without my glasses, I still have this gap.Any tips on how to fix this?

nguetta by Level 2
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i have a 32G OGO but only 10G games installed,..i should have 20 G left, but it is full,i see non stop ""low storage""where did all my free space go?

PAX777 by Level 2
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Virtual Vacation?

I'm not a heavy gamer, I'm actually a mom but I'm writing to ask if the Oculus Go can be used to go on virtual vacations from home. For example, does it have film of Ireland or Caribbean Islands or destination spots available to view? I'd like to buy...

Question for Oculus Go owners

Hello, I'm developing a game, and I'm wondering how Oculus Go owners make their game buying decisions.For example, where do you go to find out which game to buy?1. Do you go to the Oculus Store and just browse the titles available?2. Or do you search...

Homescreen not responding after booting

Since today I got the following issue: Starting the device my Homescreen does not respond for some seconds. It seems that neither head tracking nor controller works. If I move my head, the picture is like frozen. But sometimes it remains this way. I ...

Resolved! Scrolling using the pointer.

Is there a secret to scrolling or panning with the pointer? When I scroll up or down by "stroking the mouse" the image does one of three things a) it doesn't move b) it races upward or c) it races downward. I have tried "stroking" softly and by press...

EwenGB by Level 4
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USB Battery Pack for Oculus Go

Does anyone know if it would be possible to plug a small Micro USB Battery Pack into the Micro USB port on the Oculus Go to get extra battery life on the headset rather than keeping it on charge via a USB cable while using it?

How do you delete unknown sources on Oculus Go via a Mac

I started building and running my unity game to test on the Oculus go, but now I don't know how to delete it in the 'Unknown Sources' tab.I'm using a Mac, but have no idea on how to delete it. Also, there seems to be a limit to how many I can view in...

Resolved! Securing headset straps

I have a new GO and the right side head band connection on the headset keeps popping out. It came adrift two days ago and coincidentally my GO stopped working (would not boot up). On checking in the booklet that came with the unit I found the correct...

EwenGB by Level 4
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Initial setup

I really want to get an Oculus Go when they become more widely available in the UK. However I just read on the Amazon reviews that it is necessary to have an Android phone or iPhone to set it up. My phone is a low end windows phone, but I do own an i...

What is the best Oculus Go forum?

Not much going on here. Not one of mine discussions has been commented. What is the best Oculus Go Forum to get feedback and share experiences? Thank You!

Sexulus by Level 3
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Performance issues/stuttering

Hey there It seems that no one else has this problem so i want to ask, if you have stuttering and crackling audio with your Go and if you had that, what did you do to get rid of it?I now have my second Go and i thought that would fix things up, but ...

Oculus Go not be recognised in Unity3d

HelloI have been having a problem getting oculus go being recognised by my pc and unity3D when trying to upload an application.I thought it was because the headset is not in developer mode but the options is not appearing on the oculus go phoneapplic...

Tondy by Level 2
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Samsung Gear 360 2017 ver video Not playable on GO

Ive been playing with this for a bit, I cant get the gear video to work internal on the GO, I can stream from FB YT but dosent work when transferred to internal storage.... Ive tryed all formats including 3840x1920 through the editor,,, still no go, ...

Oculus Go Mid Life Refresh

Since Oculus themselves admitted that GO is most Successful headset with number of user actively using, its great idea to make some very minor changes to Oculus Go which can drastically improve experience. 1) Improved Battery for longer runtime2) Sup...

Dilip by Level 8
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Oculus Go Demo/Kiosk Mode?

I help run a camp for high school aged kids in the holidays with a focus on technology. We've had a Rift on the camp before and everyone loved it. With its amazing demo mode that allows me to lock down the apps that can be used to those that are suit...

Phedg1 by Level 3
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Ant Man

My Oculus go says I'm connected to my wifi but when I look for friends or try to go to the store it tells me to check my internet connection and/or try again later. How do I fix this?

YouTube VR

Any idea when YouTube VR is going to be available on Oculus GO! ?

arash53 by Level 2
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Oculus Go No Bluetooth Headphones Support Why????

Sorry if this has been asked I have search the forums but not found - am just curious why the go would not support Bluetooth headphones - I would of assumed this was number 1 on a list of things it would have to - it looks as if the Go does have Blue...

Where are my medias?

I had to change the account linked to my Oculus Go in the mobile app, so every content and apps were deleted.I then sideloaded some 360 photos and videos into my OG, but hey don't show in the internal storage.Anyone had a similar problem ?

NEW Oculus GO Case

There are several GO Case options that have already existed on the Market, but Oculus is releasing their own case. I just pre-ordered mine on Amazon.com:https://www.amazon.com/Oculus-Carrying-Case-not-machine-specific/dp/B07JDPW5MNBut it's available ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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