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Oculus event

Quick question, 1st time I’ve tried to watch something on my Go with Oculus Event and it says link with Facebook as the only option. Do I need a Facebook account to use this ? I loathe Facebook 

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Go Not Updating

We just received two Oculus Gos. We are trying to update them. We let them sit overnight to update and nothing. We factory reset them this morning and still nothing. We are connected to private Wifi and are connected to a Samsung Note 5. Anyone else ...

Overheating and Accelerated Battery Usage when Livestreaming?

Hey guys, I was just testing out the in-built facebook livestreaming feature of the Go while playing some GNOG..After about 25 minutes, the game was interrupted by an overheating warning. I guess it's a credit to the Go's design that I couldn't feel ...

CrashFu by Level 12
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Resolved! How do you reset the Go to center?

At times when I turn it on and point to center it still starts slightly off to one side; at other times the main menu is fine but various apps open up 30 degrees or more off to one side. I have not found any way to re-center the unit (or do much of a...

nochops by Level 3
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Where is my background gone??

since the update today I am not able to set the VR background/wallpaper on my home screen - I used to habe the canyon picture or the golden gate bridge but now it is gone. Did you removed the ability to select a personal background?

Connecting to PC for file transfer

Hey guys,Im having a problem with my Oculus Go not being able to connect to the computer. It has actually worked before. I stopped using the oculus for about a month and now I am no longer getting the prompt to allow media transfer. My Oculus Go is n...

VR On The Go - Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sP2zYo706I&tToday on VR on the Go I am taking a look at Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare. As a fan of the Evil Dead movies and the unfortunately canceled Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series I was glad to see this experience show u...

Battery Life

Question for Oculus team: with many users confirming battery life is approx 2.5 hours or less when watching movies, are Oculus working on a software fix that might increase battery life?

What are the controls in Ultrawings?

I just received an Oculus Go yesterday and some things are baffling. None of the apps seem to have any documentation (at least that I can find.) Maybe they're supposed to be obvious to gamers - but I'm not one.Example (which I'd like help with) - in ...

nochops by Level 3
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anshar online

Hi I purchased anshar online from the oculus Go store and I have downloaded it several times, but when the installer finishes the install it does not appear in my library. i have 49 gigs of space left on my Go, so I don't understand what the problem ...

Issues with updating and deleting alpha app

Hi All,I was able to invite myself to the latest build and the app worked fine. However, when trying to update the app to a new build, it fails with "Unable to install". I figured maybe I'd uninstall it and reinstall it, but I'm having a hard time re...

adding music...

it would be a nice add on if i had the possibility to hear my music in oculus go while browsing in oculus 360 photo...better: creating a screeshow with selected photo from oculus 360 with music that i had selected...just my two cents.

Format virtual tour

Hi,I want to watch virtual tour which I make with Kolor Panotour with my Oculus Go. I want to watch local because I will use the Oculus Go in a show where is not wifi ... What is the virtual tour’s export format ? And what is the process to copy the ...

Oculus go overheating after 15 min (not charging)

No matter what i play/watch, my oculus go keeps overheating after ~15 minutes (and im not charging it). i have had it on altspace, youtube and jurassic world:blue.it even crashed at some point (screen flicker, and black screen but audio keeps working...

App crash | Blue and Black Rendering

Hello,I've been developing an application for Oculus Rift and it all works fine, trying to pass it to Oculus Go after reducing the number of triangles in my models and trying to render only between 50k-100k triangles.Still, the app crashes and basica...

Oculus Go - how to set default app or Video

Hello to all,I have a question for my project.I bought 3 Oculus GO for my guests when they come to my office. I'd like them to watch a virtual tour of my company.I made the videos in 3D. Now I need to set the default playback of a specific video (on ...

Savex by Level 2
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Oculus Go Lens protector

Hi, does anyone know the purpose of the lens protector. I've removed them and found that I can see through the lens much clearer and increases my FOD slightly. Will the lens drop out of I remove the lens protector. My oculus rift doesn't have one.

Beaming to a tv

Our business just purchased the Go in hopes of being able to beam what the user is seeing to a tv. Is this possible? If not, can we pair it with a laptop?

cmeier1 by Level 2
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Oculus App Runtime has stopped.

When viewing a VR 360 clip that I downloaded from pc to the Oculus Go, the video kept stopping and the following error message would appear: "Oculus App runtime has stopped". It would then give an option to reopen and then the video would play from w...

riggo88 by Level 2
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Amazon shopping

Am I being a bit thick ? I log into Amazon but its U.S. only. Is there no options to change to Amazon.co.uk ???

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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