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Recommendations for Headphones

Anyone have any recommendations for good earphones, earbuds or headphones for use with the Go?Looking for comfort and good sound. I've been trying to avoid anything cheap, but even then everything I look at seems to have bad reviews for build quality...

Why won’t my phone connect to my oculus go?

I just got my oculus go and when I first tried to connect it to my phone it worked, but it paused at 50% and wouldn’t go any further. I went back to go check on it and my app on my phone said that it was no paired to my oculus go anymore. I have trie...

b_sur by Level 2
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Battery Life

How long should a fully charged battery last on an Oculus Go. Takes longer to charge than it lasts.

What does Go mean in Oculus Go?

This may be a stupid question, but what does the "Go" mean in "Oculus Go"?Does it come from a Japanese word or something, like Pokemon Go? And what does the "Go" mean in Pokemon Go anyway?Or is "Go" simply a name and has no meaning except it sounds c...

Gallery Suggestions

Hi developers,first let me thank you for providing us with the free Oculus Gallery app on Oculus Go.Since I am using the Lenovo VR180 camera, I am using it frequently. However, there are certain things that make the usage less than ideal which could ...

First Look - New Flight Simulator (Oculus GO)

We've spent a year developing a unique and very special terrain system which allows us to create vast environments on the limited Oculus GO hardware. Check out a very early build. We're still adding new terrain types (Islands) as well as buildings an...

Watching 360 Video with Friends?

TL/DR - How can I watch 360 videos with friends on the Go?My last couple posts I got some info on ways to watch movies, vids with friends. But I wasn't clear about my needs, so the advice didn't quite work out.I got my friend and I a Go primarily so ...

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Audio based on head direction

Hi. I create 360 images/videos and give them to clients along with an Oculus Go.Is it possible with the Go to be able to have audio tracks volume change based on what the user is looking at.... For example, they look at a fire and fire sounds are mor...

Video codec change?

i have previously recorded game play video on the Go and could view it on my PC no probs. All of sudden, it appears that one can no longer view video on the PC that has been recorded on the Go. It says something along the lines of Codec not recognise...

vr 360 from pc to Go

I am trying to figure out how to watch VR 360 with full capabilites on my Go off 360 videos that i search for and pull up on my pc.

Cast Probleme

Hallo an alle Ich bekomme keine Verbindung mit Cast hin von 50 versuchen hat es einmal geklappt

No configuracion casco-movil

¡Hola! He recibido hoy mi Oculus Go y he seguido las instrucciones del manual para configurar las Gafas VR pero cuando en el móvil, con la app de oculus pongo empezar me dice " no es posible conectar el visor "¿Alguna sugerencia ?

Occulus Studios Lost

Hi,I have an Occulus Go and I was just playing around when I came across that video called “Lost”. I cant find it now. I started it and decided to wait till later to go back to it. It looks like its only available on the Rift. But I swear I had it so...

Go Firmware update 12 makes home screen look HORRIBLE!

My Go apparently updated last night and was crashed when I woke it up. I powered down and restarted, and now the home screen looks horrible! Tons of aliasing and moiré artifacts on what yesterday was a crisp, good-looking graphic. WTF? Oculus please ...

dhl by Level 3
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Screen Flickering and Speckles

Hi,I an new to developing for the Oculus Go however I have been using the Rift for a few years now. I loaded up UE4 Sun Temple and have it launching on the Go, however as I look around I am getting lots of screen flicking along with geometry disappea...

Can't Display this Person Right Now Message

We keep getting this message when clicking on our profile in Oculus Go. "Can't display this person right now" and our profile is greyed out. We can fix it by reconnecting the Go headset to our phone app but that's a pain to have to do that every time...

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Amazon Prime Video on Go ?

I tried sideloading Amazon Prime Video app .apk and that didn't work It works in the Oculus(?) web browser, but there is no way to scale video to fit browser's windows or open it up full screen, so to speak.Has anyone managed to get Amazon Prime Vid...

motorsep by Level 8
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collegamento a dropbox

Scrisalve a tutti,il mio oculus go si collega a dropbox nativo,legge le cartelle create da me su dropbox premium ma non legge i contenuti multimediali presenti all interno.premetto che sul cellulare con la app di dropbox legge tranquillamente i file ...

gpierob by Level 2
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Apps Just Appearing in My Library?

OK this is strange. I just booted up the Go to find 7 apps* installed in my library, all from 'yesterday' supposedly...and I didn't install a single one of them. I've never even heard of half of them. How on earth is stuff installed into my headset t...

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Oculus Go Kiosk Mode

Is it possible to put the Go into a Kiosk mode, as in to only play a single application automatically upon turning on the device.

Aplicacion arañas face your fear no carga

Escribe tu mensajehace un tiempo compre la aplicacion de las arañas de face your fear me cargo por un tiempo y luego no carga nunca mas dice que ocurrio un error en la descarga y no me da opciones para volverla a cargar. Esto pasa en mi oculus go per...

enripe by Level 2
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Menu bar

The bar at the bottom is showing but I can't get the screen to show up to pick what I want to watch or view. Help

Occulus go using steam apps

How am I able to utilize Steam apps? I download Riftcat onto my PC and Vridge onto my go,but Riftcat keeps crashing on my PC & the Vridge app will not load. I`m new to VR please Help!


HelloJe recherche un cable usb pour faire des transferts sur le GOAvez vous une référence ?I want to find a USB cable to make transfers on the GODo you have a reference?

Amazon Prime VR takes 3+ hours to Load.. what is the trip?

I'm new to this so if I'm doing something wrong please tell me but I finally go it to load a week ago after about 3+ hours of waiting for it to load.. I logged in picked a movie.. this took another half hour.. then started to watch it.. my mistake wa...

Higrpwd by Level 2
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