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The Pact

I'm really impressed by " The Pact " on Amaze, it feels so real and intense. I wonder if it's possible to have a happy ending where we all get out of the house

Watch downloaded videos in Oculus TV OFFLINE!

Just thought I should be posting some of this stuff on here and joining in on discussions here. I've spent most of my time on the Oculus Go subreddit. Hope you guys find this useful. I've got other such things on my channel. Please post your feedback...

Oculus Go Power On

If I hold the power button and select power off, then when I try to power it on I get a battery indicator and it goes back off.Eventually it does start up, not sure if it is a ridiculously long delay or just my repeated attempts that wake it.Am I not...


I know there are a few discussions on gamepads but I need to ask too.I have a PS4 Dualshock and the Status Nimbus XL for the AppleTV, both pair eventually but neither work well. I was using Gauntlet & Gauntlet II in Arcade.The Stratus seems not to ma...

Google Earth/Maps

Is Google going to avoid the Oculus platform? No YouTube app which would be amazing instead of using a half solution for YouTube videos in the browser and no Google Earth.I think Google Earth would be amazing in this and it doesn't require much in th...

Display haze

I love the go but there does seem to be a blue/yellow haze around most bits. If I look directly at something it seems okay but everything just slightly off the centre then has this blue/yellow aberration, is this normal and is there anything I can do...

Recovery image for the Oculus Go?

I had to do a factory reset before, because the microphone stopped working, and from reading the forum, it seems that a lot of other people also had to do factory resets.What concerns me is, that sometime the flash may be corrupted so badly, that the...

gotgalf by Level 5
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Library management is a nightmare

Whenever I click on the three dots, usually to uninstall something, I move the pointer down to the option and just before I click, the menu vanishes and thus launches whatever app the cursor happened to be over. Is this some sort of test? For pities ...

Accounts / apps

Can we please remove the facebook requirement for some apps, I think it was venues I last saw it in. I know you are owned by FB but I don't trust them as far as I could throw them, there is no way I am linking an FB account to anything. Either let me...

unity3d + oculus utilities

In a totally empty unity project built to the go, when you exit to home screen using the home button and then relaunch, on first relaunch it crashes back to home, on second relaunch it successfully re-opens the app. Less than ideal but better than......

Not impressed so far

I really expected this to be better than what it is. I know the GO is a low end VR headset but geesh. The plane crash, walking with a dinosaur, and mini golf are cool but thats it. For $9.99 the mini golf game looks like its from the 90’s. Am I missi...

Oculus GO Use when Plugged In?

I think a number of people are worried about Oculus' recommendation of not using the GO whilst "charging" . I am not sure if that extends to plugged in whilst the battery is fully charged, but let's assume it does. The 2.5 - 3 hours battery life come...

Moving photos from Oculus Gallery to Oculus Rooms

I have transferred photos from my computer to the internal storage in the Oculus Gallery, but I cannot place those photos into the Oculus Rooms via the customization option. Are my only two options in Oculus Rooms either Facebook or the 4 standard ph...

Unstable gravity accelerometer Oculus Go controller

I'm looking into accelerometer of Oculus Go controller.I want to use accelerometer value to move object short time.I want to know the acceleration as accurately as possible.And I want to erase the influence of gravity.But I have trouble with that,the...

Stern pinball arcade

Hi gangi have an oculus go but the pinball games available are very limited i want to play stern pinball arcade on my "go"can I pay someone to get it to work "go"

knit69 by Level 2
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Cannot connect Oculus store from Oculus Go

I'm not sure when the symptom has occurred, I cannot connect Oculus Store from my Oculus Go. The error message is "no WiFi connection", but I can use apps to connect the net, e.g. Browser. By using iPhone app, I can purchase apps and the apps are ins...

Development for Go - mission impossible

Dear Oculus Go team !I am Unity developer starting working with Go platform and see that it is impossible for the following reasons:1. Initial Bluetooth activation was really painful - I was trying 3 different phones and finally it was done, don't kn...

yesbird by Level 3
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3D web content that almost works

I'm having trouble finding functional 3D content on the web.Poly.google.com has some cool 3D models and scenes, but everything is at my feet and I'm looking down at it from some distance with no way to move the image around.At Sketchfab everything lo...

Negative Go Reviews?

So many negative GO reviews...microphones not working, crashes, missing screens, no audio, dead batteries. Yet outside overwhelming positive reviews. Strange. Oculus competitors trolling? Legit issues? Both? I and the few other owners I know have had...

Please enter pairing code Xbox one controller/Oculus Go

Oculus Go all set up, paired remote, downloaded games and working fine.However trying to pair an Xbox One S controller (a new style grey/green one) and go into the app to pair.on the headset for the next few mins I get a large white box asking for pe...

IPv6 on a BT Smart Hub and Oculus Go

A customer had an unusual problem with several of their Oculus Go devices: there was a warning dialog about Internet connectivity and the browser was redirected to http://clients3.google.com/generate_204They were using a BT Smart Hub modem with integ...

rupert by Level 4
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