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Environments not loading on Oculus Go

I'm trying to change my environments in the Oculus Go, however it'll load to maybe 40% and never go any farther. I do have a slow internet connection, however I would expect it to load eventually, but it doesn't.Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

Oculus GO Unity - Several Issues so must be missing something

@imperativity Unity 2017.4.8f1 and 2018.2.0fOculus Utilties 1.27.01) Start a new project and set up as per instructions. I can build to the GO without any issues but when I press play in the gave view I get 'Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initi...

barkest by Level 2
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Tonight: Sinister (Oculus Venues)

Anyone else watching Sinister right now, in the Oculus Venues movie theatre?Another great preview of Social VR. Being able to sit with other people around the world and watch a film on a large theatre screen is badass.

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus Go loses gamepads after restart

My family just picked up three of these last week, and we picked up some Steelseries gamepads to use with them. Paired each one up with the appropriate headset, and they worked great, until the headsets got powered down. After powering back up, they ...

My brand new Oculus Go keeps crashing.

Just got it today and set it up using Note 8. I saw few clips and am blown away specially the spatial audio. Charged the unit and tried logging into Netflix but for the last 3 hours, it has been crashing. Can't even click on the Library or Home. Scre...

Resolved! Has anybody tried traveling with the Go? (WiFi question).

I am curious if anybody has actually tried traveling with their Oculus Go and can share how easy or difficult it is? Specifically, one concern I had was going back and forth from one WiFi connection to another. I've been thinking of picking up a trav...

Rating a video

I would like to rate a video I bought but when I go to the rating section for that video there is no way to do it.How do I enable the rating section?

Quill Controls

I've been told Oculus Go is compatible with Quill. I'm curious how the Go controller performs with Quill, especially for features that use both Touch controllers. Does anyone have experience with this?

rlapham by Level 3
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Controlling OGO with phone/tablet

So I see that you use a phone to download app's to the OGO (and as a side question, does it have to be a phone or can you use a tablet?), but is there any app that allows you to control the OGO from a phone/tablet? I mean like, starting apps and if p...

Oculus GO application subscription

Hello,We want to design an application where the user needs to buy subscription and create an account on our website, and then inside the application on the oculus go you need to login with that account and start using the oculus go app.On the oculus...

2 step wifi login

I am considering nagging my boss into getting us a occulus Go for work (I work in a elder center and have had allot of success with gear vr) but I am worried about the wifi. The problem is the goverment owns the wifi here so logging on is not a simpl...

Is there a VR chat app with mouth movement on Oculus Go

I'm a bit confused. As I understand Oculus Parties has audio lip synced mouth movements but Oculus Rooms doesn't. Is that right? Also, Oculus Parties is only available on GearVR ? Is there a VR chat app that includes lip sync on Oculus Go ? Also woul...

Oculus GO should allow VPN connections

Some of us are (at least temporary) in situations, where we have to use a VPN. Restrictive corporate and university networks, hotel WiFi, traveling abroad.Every smartphone has an inbuilt VPN functionality, but Oculus deliberately removed it from the ...

gotgalf by Level 5
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OculusGo controller not working after spawn

Hi guys!I'm encounter some issue here. I try to make a multiplayer game through Oculus GoI have to spawn the whole "OVRCameraRig" prefab, witch means at the start there were nothing in the scene.but right after I spawn it I soon realized the issue: I...

Steam on the Oculus Go

You can now sideload Steam Link on the Oculus Go and play on the Oculus TV app. The delay isn't really big, but you really need a good WiFi connection between your PC and Oculus Go, and no need for a Steam controller because you just use your mouse a...

6 DOF hardware

Is anyone aware of existing plugin hardware that gives the Go 6 DOF?  

snovak by Level 3
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WebVR Video Broken

If you have a chance, please confirm that https://threejs.org/examples/?q=video#webvr_video breaks when you enter WebVR on the Go? Trying to make sure this isn't just me. I made a tiny url for convenience: https://tinyurl.com/go3vid ;

snovak by Level 3
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Where to get movie files to transfer to the Go

There is lots of information about how to transfer movie files from your PC to the Go and/or view files on your PC using Plex or Skybox but my problem is getting the movies files onto the PC in the first place. Many years ago I used some called DVD r...

Oculus Go with sim racing pc games

hi.id like to use my headset with one of the good racing sim sites, e.g. iracing.ive checked how it works on iracing ( vive, rift). for the rift u gotta download the app and configure the headset as a secondary screen by pluging it into ur graphics c...

Static 3D Artwork?

I just got my Oculus Go and I'm liking it so far. One of the things that I liked the most when trying out the Samsung Gear VR a couple of years ago was the 3D art gallery that came with the standard app, where you could watch 3D artwork online. Not p...

YouTube VR App Launches on Gear VR, Gets Co-Viewing

Will YouTube VR is coming out this week in the Oculus app store for Gear VR it will let you view videos with Friends.So you think it could be relased for the GO also ,but a spokesperson didn’t have any details if it was going to be released to the GO...

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Will it comes to Oculus Go!

In the latest E3 2018 Bethesda Softworks just announce their new game The Elder Scrolls: Blades which aim to release on all mobile platform including Mobile VR and Hi-End VR (as stated in the Youtube@4.05) Hope it will comes to Oculus Go as well You...


I find Oculus Go's set up requiring mobile device (which I don't have) inefficient and cumbersome.Any reason why you couldn't plug it into PC and download startup? Would be a lot simpler.

Ruggo by Level 3
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