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Is the max volume limit a little low?

While the volume appears fine from the built in headphones on the Home app, videos and apps inside seem a bit too low, even with the volume setting maxed out. Is anyone else feeling the same, or just my headset?Not sure if it's some software version ...

Hello everyone

just want to say hello, new to VR and I have ordered my GO and can’t wait. p.s love the forum.

Gib69 by Level 3
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Best Oculus GO Controller

A great video comparing GO compatible controllers was released by @VirtualRealityOasis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju2VrZQTRO0His recommendations:Oculus Go compatible Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth ControllerOculus Go compatible Steel Series Strat...

Zenbane by Level 15
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I was going to pick up my Oculus Go this morning until I found out Minecraft is incompatible with it. Does anyone have any information if it is coming for sure?

Anyone experience headset drift?

I notice a slight headset drift. I keep having to center the headset. It's very slight and doesn't always happen but I did notice it and wanna know if anyone else has this issue.

3D 360 videos not playing in 3D

Facebook 360 videos and youtube that are clearly stereoscopic (top bottom eye configuration) are playing back flat. I produce 3D 360 content and I know when the playback is only displaying one eye across both rendering the scene flat in appearance. A...

Can’t find movie I bought using Oculus Video

I just paid around eight bucks for “John Wick 2” to watch on my new Go (despite having a Netflix account, duh) but I cannot find it inside the VR environment. I am sure I’m missing something very simple here; can anyone help out? Many thanks.

BarryJI by Level 3
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Any Candy Crush type games in VR? Esp on GO?

Loving my GO so far, it's such a great casual game on the couch kind of game, even something as simple as Coaster Combat is fun, the image is so good.Full review after a week of use coming up!Anyway, looking for any kind of games like Candy Crush, so...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Default video player 3D misalignment

Given we're still in the early days it could be something about the specific files I'm using to test, buuuut:Trying a video file with side-by-side 3D, it seems like it works as expected. Top-over-bottom, something strange. When the controls/progress ...

3D movie purchases in Oculus Video, previews not 3D?

Looking through the 3D movies available for purchase in the Oculus Video app, it seems like none of the previews present in 3D?Can I assume the actual movie will be 3D when purchased? Do they present in the same "virtual theater" as the previews?Tnx!

Oculus Go - Blurry & Horizontal Black Line

I have a thin horizontal black line that runs right through the center of the screen at all times. Everything also seems to be a little blurry and almost hazy. Yes, I made sure there was nothing on the optics and that they were clean. Text and the ed...

Resolved! Netflix VR Movies

First time VR user. How do you play a Netflix VR movie. Can’t find them and I have a Netflix account. I can play normal movies just fine from Netflix. Thanx in advance.

Can you change accounts on the Oculus Go?

My brother-in-law got a new Oculus Go and his account was already on there, but he wants to use my account to test out some apps since I had previously used GearVR and have purchases already. The headset is connected to my Oculus app on mobile, but t...

Updating Oculus app on iOS?

I downloaded the iOS app and synced it with my Oculus Go, but any game I try to use (which I had previously purchased with GearVR) tells me I need to update the oculus app before launching the game. Except there are no current updates needed for the ...

Productivity apps and tools?

One thing that I'm missing on the Go is the availability of productivity apps like email clients and document readers, and, of course, a file manager, especially one that can access SMB shares. Is there anything like these? An in general, can I sidel...

gotgalf by Level 5
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Changing from Gear VR to Oculus Go question

-Will my (compatible) apps I already purchased continue to work on the GO?I already own a Gear VR and purchased some Apps for it, at least one I know that it's compatible with the Go. If possible, I wouldn't want to make my purchases twice ;-).

Nimbus iOS Controller

I was surprised to see that the Nimbus controller I use with my Apple TV pairs with the Go. It works to some extent, probably depending on the limitations of the app. Pointing is done by moving my head. This could be potentially very useful. Wonder w...

Vinoh by Level 6
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Web Browser Video Full Screen

Hi!I found out that I can (as a workaround) view Amazon Prime Videos via the Oculus Go web browser … really cool!When the video is still showing the loading/buffer animation I can switch to full screen in the top right corner. After the video has sta...

Can you lock a user inside an app?

Hello, I am trying to lock the user inside of an application for demo purposes using Unity.For instance I would like for the ability to prevent the user from being able to press the home button and to be taken out of the application.Is this possible ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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GO vs LG G6 screendoor and others.

Just a quick question if any owner have the Go and the LG G6 Phone...Has the GO a screen door better o equal of the LG G6?. I have tested today with my cheap VR headset, and I found very pleasant (The screen door is there but not very much noticeable...