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Turn off the Autoplay, Possible?

hey guys! is it possible to turn off the autoplay when watching videos from the internal storage an my go?I need something that plays a video and stops at the end of it, so you have to manually klick to play the next in the row..any suggestions? than...

luaskz by Level 2
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Can Rylo Camera footage be viewed on OculusGo?

I've been told that Rylo footage can be viewed in VR when uploaded to YouTube. When I use the Go's Youtube application to view Rylo video it is not immersive 360 but instead displays in a floating window...what gives?

Oculus TV

Will Oculus Tv just got released what a real let down Oculus told us back at f8 when Oculus tv comes out you be able to watch it with friends and Family.Will guess what you can not. Its nothing more then a launcher.....what a real disappointment. Ocu...

Mic stopped working

My microphones suddenly stopped working and didn't get fixed even when I factory reset the device !! Please help



PC Can't see Go anymore(ADB)

I wanted to sideload some apps through adb and I had it working a few weeks back but now my PC doesn't see the Go. I have everything in the right directory and I get nothing. I tried other android devices and those all work fine. Just not the Go! I w...

Blue light filter - Night Light

I'm considering buying the Oculus Go for media consumption before sleep. I'm used to blue light filters because it's easier on my eyes and helps me sleep better.I was wondering if it would be possible to activate the hidden "Night Light" feature in A...

Zooming out and hide controller

Is there a way to zoom out when you are playing a video? there are some videos that look too close!!And another question, is there any way to hide the remote controller on the screen? Thank you for reading me!!!

Stereo 180 video - looks smaller on Go

I am shooting a 180 stereoscopic video that will be delivered mostly on Oculus Go. When I edit on my desktop with my rift it looks good but when I transfer to the Go everything looks too small. My IPD is 64mm which I thought is what the Go is set at....

Venues app

I’m having a problem with the Venues app. It told me to link to my Facebook account on the Oculus app. I did. The app shows the account as linked but I still get the screen telling me that the Facebook account isn’t linked when I try to use the Venue...

joeland by Level 2
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Oculus ストアでの検索


htcc by Level 2
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Everything, including Netflix, is blurry

It's strange because I've used Oculus with Samsung and didn't experience the same problem, and none of the Go reviews mentioned the blur. But it's just bad enough so that I can't enjoy the experience.

Stripping Oculus Go functionality for a museum experience

I am a Dutch volunteer in a museum in my city Eindhoven. The past two years I have build a 3D model of my city (it was a town back then) in Blender, Substance Painter and Unity3D. In Unity I render a 360 degree video that I show in the Oculus Go. Pla...

Speaker broken

The right speaker works only if I bend the plastic that holds straps, otherwise there’s no sound coming out.

vtms by Level 2
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Can't view images/photo in full screen

I store some image files on dropbox and add dropbox as gallery source. When I tried to browse the image folder there're thumbnail generated correctly but once I click each image to view them full screen, they just silent. I can click the trigger to b...

Failure to update 360 photos

Failure to update 360 photos... When I want to open my images he says to me: "Please use Oculus Gallery to view the files stored in this device"The problem that oculus gallery does not show images in cubic format.Is it possible to install an older ve...

Where are my 360° photos in Facebook 360

Hi all,I'm new here. I've just received my Go. In my Facebook profile I've a lot of 360° photos but in Facebook 360 in "my photos" I just can see 5/6 of them. Any idea where I can find my 360° photos?Thanks

Go controller: freeze problem?

Hi, Recently, after play a game, I charge the controller. When I have time to use it again ( after a few hours, sometimes a few days), the controller freezes. The white dot is fixed on the screen, I can't move the controller but its buttons work. Rem...


Hello All,I will be doing an Architecture presentation tomorrow and my intention is to show panoramic renderings; However I'm not sure I will have access to WIFI, is there any way I can still connect my phone to the Oculus go (the renderings are on m...

Looking to increase the "view distance" on the Go

I just got my Go a few days and am really impressed with it. So much easier to use than my PSVR.But I have a question... everything on the screen is "too close". For example, the Settings/Store/Library panel at the bottom of the Home screen is so low...

bundito by Level 2
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Oculus Go auto starting ?!?

Hello all,I got my Oculus Go the next day after its release and I have noticed since that time that the Go is regularly "auto starting" by itself when it was shut down completely.This is freaking annoying as the battery is sometimes just depleted whe...

Streams are down for this viewpoint?

trying to watch the FIFA from Canada.its not in oculus venues, maybe rights are USA only.I logged into fox sports with my ID from my us cable account (we have a US residence with cable), and get streams are down from this viewpoint? Is it geoblocked ...