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I tried streaming Blue and it was distinctly stuttering. Same with Space Explorers. Is 25 mbps not enough for streaming 360 content? What are your experiences?

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Higher bitrate video causes sped up playback?

I've been experimenting with bitrates and the effect on video quality. As I up the bitrate my Go (and others) occasionally play at higher than 1x speed. You can hear it in the audio also. I can "fix" it by pausing or restarting. Seems a bit random. V...

Oculus Go and 6DOF using Nolo CV1

so, I watched the YouTube review of an Oculus Go modified to use the Nolo CV1, giving the Go 6DOF capability.its a fair review and shows what the Go is capable of, BUT, it will require Oculus to work with Nolo to make the interface easier without the...

Oculus web browser in your VR app

Hello All,I'm looking at implementing a web browser in my mobile app (gearVR/oculusGO) , is there any way of importing (api access) the oculus web browser into a custom app or what would the best method be to create one from scratch. I'm not looking ...

Zubz by Level 3
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Dust or dead pixals on screen.

I have either dust or dead pixals on my screen, its really annoying anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix for this, I really do not want to have to return it.

Oculus Go "stand-alone" requires a mobile phone... pfff....

I just go Oculus Go, and now after starting it up first time it says it requires a mobile phone.I just got this because I didn't want to use my mobile phone for VR.I'm very confused, it clearly states "STAND ALONE". Which means I should be able to us...

EarlGrey by Level 5
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Resolved! Oculus Go using 3ds Max & V-ray 3.6?

Hi,I am new to the VR community and would like to purchase the Oculus Go so I can showcase architectural 360° stereoscopic renders.To render I use 3ds max 2016 and the V-ray 3.6 plugin.I have a few questions and need advise on how to get started...1....

Bad vertical 'streaks'?

Anyone else having pretty bad 'vertical streaks' running across their display? It looks like pretty regularly occurring "static" lines running vertically across the display. They're not always in the same place, they flash on and off pretty quickly a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Immersion Improvement

One aspect to the Go that I would REALLY like to see in a future update is to allow the default background of the GO and the 'house' environment on the lake when you are in that media viewer app to have their environments be animated for maximum imme...

Proper Search Feature for Oculus Video

If you can find it, look for the Video Lost in the Oculus Video app. This is a fun short film great for showing off the Oculus Go. The trouble I have is it very difficult to find even when I know where it's at. Please add a search feature to the Ocul...

Do Oculus GO games support 6DOF?

I watched Wichblood Rift version review on YouTube last night and saw the reviewer can peek around the set and also move back and forth. So I just wonder if I uograde my GO with let's say Nolo CV1 to make it 6DOF will Wichblood GO version understand ...

Where are the Oculus Go ads?

I’ve lived through many products launches over the years and enjoy some clever marketing. Everything from the “Hi, I’m a Mac” to “Nintendon’t” we would get a sense of the products. For a few years there has been very limited VR advertising. If the Oc...

Viewing stereo cubemap panos on the Oculus Go

I have found only one way to view my own rendered 360 stereo cubemap panoramas, and that is using the Oculus 360 Photos app and copying my images into a folder under the Pictures folder on the Oculus Go. One issue I have is that I can see the edges o...

I want to OEM unlock Oculus GO

I tried fastboot oem unlockHowever, FAILED (remote: Please visit oculus.com/unlock)`is displayed.I'd like to hack Oculus GO by making it custom ROM or root.How can i ?

Add Content to Oculus Rooms

By far the best feature of the Oculus Go for me has been Oculus Rooms, but it's a bit disappointing as well because there's only so many times I can stand playing the same games over and over.Here are my suggestions:1. Add some dice games like Farkle...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Vridge/Riftcat Experience

Driven mostly by technical curiosity, I've finally got all the pieces in place to try out some Vive and Rift experiences on my Go. My only usable machine is a 2016 MacBook Pro so I made an external bootcamp disk with a tiny WD 500gb SSD to run Riftca...

Vinoh by Level 6
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Thumbnails are not being removed

When files (pictures, movies, etc.) are deleted from Internal Shared Storage, their associated thumbnails, stored in:VR-Headset\Internal shared storage\DCIM\.thumbnailsare not deleted. These are small, for example 26 KB but eventually the used space ...

Oculus Rooms videos don't play – FIXED

Has anyone been able to get videos to play back in Oculus Rooms? My friend and I have both tried playing videos (both flat and 360) and after the room dims to black, nothing happens. Bringing up the tablet shows the video as playing but it's stuck at...

dhl by Level 3
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Oculus Go App refund

I am not sure if Oculus are deliberately trying to make the GO App refund process as obscure as possible... but it is... and it really needs addressing. I recently purchase an app and after 5 mins it was clear that it didn't work that well on the Go ...

Facebook Live in HD

I've done a couple FB live streams, but it seems to be 4:3 in 360 29.56fps. Will there be a way to increase to at least 480p, or a 16:9 aspect ratio?

Trouble finding Oculus Go app in Library on device

Hello.We have developed an app for Oculus Go and added it to the Library for users to test. However, the app does not appear. The devices have been set in dev mode to view all apps. Are there special settings to consider when making an app visible in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus GO Reviews

You can read Ben's assessment here. Kind of negative really, and makes it sound like you would be better off getting a Nintendo Switch.  With few standout apps, and an experience which isn’t appreciably different from what Gear VR has been offering ...