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Oculus set up without Controllers

I have an Oculus Go without the controller, and it has been factory reset. The issue that I am having is that I am setting up the Go in the app on my iPhone, but cannot get through the controller setup screen. There is no way to click through it to g...

Semmoi by Level 2
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2.4GHz WiFi channel 13

Hi, I just had the problem that my Go couldn't find my WiFi network in the setting's list. I found out that my FritzBox router was sending on channel 13. I switched to another channel and the WiFi came back. All other devices in my home were connecte...

Delete Go from Oculus App

Years ago I had a Go that I returned (apparently without wiping it first). That Go still shows up in the app as not connected. I went to oculus/my devices and I see the "delete data from this device" option for my Quest and Quest 2 but there is no op...

Yellow spots on the screen of Oculus Go

There are some yellow spots on the center of the screen, they remained on the screen no matter what applications I used, and they are really annoying. I am wondering if there is any way to get rid of them. These spots appeared three days ago, and I p...

Oculus go problem

I made VR with UE4 and play with Oculus go, but every time I move it, a part of it turns black. Does anyone know why?

KEY0404 by Level 2
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Has any paired a Go and a Quest on the same account?

I've just bought a Go , already have a quest and want to use the Go but cant until it is paired with my account, For some reason it's not allowing me to pair it on my mobile..... and neither on my account so cant use the Go . Can someone help please?

edgedVR by Level 2
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Prime Video VR not available for installation

I can see it in the WWW shop, but the only option is adding to the wish list, which does not work. Despite the messae "Dodano do listy życzeń" ("Added to the wish list"), it is not visible on the wish list. Moreover it is not visible in all when the ...

jsbien by Level 3
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Facebook login

Is there a way to use social (Facebook) login as an authorization mechanism in apps? I saw some apps with the standard FB login screens but they belonged to Facebook in-house applications (Facebook watch). I am looking for a user-friendly way to coll...

2fizzy by Level 2
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Device Won't Boot

My Oculus Go is stuck on the USB update mode screen when powered on. I can volume up and down to select the options with the power buttons but it goes back here. Via oculus support I've fully drained the battery then restarted with no success. Via yo...

App for stereoscopic 3D photos (4:3)

Hello,does anyone have a tip for an app with which you can view stereoscopic photos (3D) on the Oculus Go? With 360 degree photos this works for me without any problems, but not with photos in the ratio 4: 3! I've been looking for an app for a long t...

Unusable credit.

I have a 20 dollar credit on my account. It is unusable unless I add an additional payment method. Why?

Oculus Go not Charging or Powering on?

I've seen some posts lately about people having this problem... and then I started to experience it myself. I tried using 3 chargers and some different cables and the headset still would not start charging or power on. I thought the unit was dead.I c...

Will a Facebook account be needed with the Oculus Go?

My 11 year old wants a VR headset, but I have been reading that a Facebook account will be required to use the Oculus headsets. I don’t want to link my Facebook account to his headset and he is too young for a Facebook account. What I’m wondering is,...

Can anyone help with a phone set up issue

I have bought a cheap phone running Android Marshmallow as a gift to help someone link their Go headset but it is seems to drop every time. The phone seems OK otherwise. I use Apple myself so have no experience of Android. Should I just ditch the pho...

Oculus Go overheating and lagging

I got an Oculus Go about a year and a half ago, and a couple of months ago my system started overheating. It never gives me overheating warnings or anything but it would start to lag non-stop. I never use it while plugged in however, the battery only...


Just an observance by a buyer customer of Oculus Go Games. I check quite often for sale listing in the Oculus Go store and now I am seeing a lot of games for "sale" in the area that states this : '"On Sale Now"Price High to Low"Complete your collecti...

Oculus GO : A warming : Headset is overheat

I bought Go on April .2020 , Every time After I play it about 25 mins, the headset will appear a warming, say my Go is overheat , and suggest me to shut down for a while.I want to know " Is the warming is normal foe Go? " It's always confusing to me ...

Free upgrade no longer available

Just saw the new trailer for the oculus quest two and am very excited, only to find out that if I want to use the apps and games that I've bought on the go I would have to pay the full price again. Does not seem right as its on the same oculus platfo...

hicksz by Level 2
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Oculus Go Sunset Hurts Non Profits

Oculus might not realize it but they just hurt a bunch of non-profits that rely on the affordable Oculus Go to distribute their content to aging and disabled populations. With the sunset of Oculus Go in December, these groups were given only 6 months...

storyup by Level 3
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led is orange but doesn't charge sometimes

Sometimes it charges and sometimes it doesn't, even though the orange led lights up. I'm using the adapter that came with it into a wall outlet. Even though it's lit orange, it will gradually deplete instead of charging. I've tried this with the unit...

dragon front down?

anyone here knows if Dragon Front is permanently down now? I only seem to be getting an everlasting error 999