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I already received my financial statement but there is no refund included on my last purchase. How can I get my money back? Oculus support does not response regarding to my issue.

Oculus Go Stuck on "USB Update Mode." Help!!!

No matter what I click on (Factory Reset, Exit & Boot, Sideloading, etc. . .), it always comes back after five seconds to "USB Update Mode." Is there anyone out there who can help me? My dad bought this for me even though he was laid off because of C...

how to record gameplay and post it to social media

I am going to try asking one last time before I give upon this...I have read many articles and blogs and everyone says that all you ave to do is press the record (see red dot) mess around and then take off the headset to stop recording. Connect to th...

Live Facebook question

Hi all!. Yesterday make a Live Facebook for my friends, and I set the options to see viewers an comments Live in the GO. But in the notification bar static that appears below, there is nothing. Not viewers and not comments. The surprise is that when ...


Is my. oculus go rendered useless without a remote? Reading these forums it doesn't give me much hope that I'll be able to use my oculus go. I purchased it used and it was sold to me with a remote and ty he serial numbers do not add up. They are not ...


I understand the money maker is the Quest lineup. I don't expect all kinds of future development for the Oculus GO, but at the least you guys should keep it operational for those who have purchased it. The Oculus Go still has a place in the market. I...

Face mask skin stickers for Oculus Go

Hello everyone!Recently I was looking for customizing my Oculus Go front face. And could't find what I wanted, at least here in UK. So, I made it myself, since I do other similar staff... But then I thought I might start selling them as well. So I st...

Oculus Go update issue

Hello, I cannot use my device.The problem is as follows; I restore the device to factory settings and then try to set up following the instructions in the Oculus app. It remains "Connected, Updating 100%". The update does not end. When I come to the ...

Go Updated to 18.0 today

I got a pretty big update today but settings still report v18..0, not 18.02. Still good to see us Go users are not totally ignored and everything seems to work fine for me. Thanks.

APK Signed with Android Debug Certificate

Upload new binary to the STORE channelWorking with Oculus + Unity is unpleasant, nothing works !! upload and deploy even worse !!unmotivating !!APK Signed with Android Debug CertificatePlease sign or rebuild your APK using a production certificate or...

Controller lässt sich nicht verbinden

Occulus Go controller lässt sich über die Occulus App nicht verbinden bei der Einrichtung!! Neue Batterien sind drin, im Handy unter Bluetooth ist erkennbar, lässt sich aber nicht koppeln um die Erstinstallation abzuschließen.

How to sign an oculus Go Unity App, really ?

Hi,This message above is driving me crazy.I can not find a real answer to the question in the title of this discussion. Yes, google it ! All you find are documentations throwing you here and there.Nothing here : https://developer.oculus.com/blog/ever...

Piflyon by Level 3
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Oculus Go et panotour - Mode VR sur oculus impossible

Bonjour je conçois mes visite virtuelles avec Panotour Pro et KRpano 1.20.2Mes visites fonctionnaient parfaitement avec le browser Oculus et depuis quelques temps celles ci ne fonctionnent plus en VR !Sur l’oculus go, un affichage précise que celui c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How can i delete the connected Oculus Go at my App

Hey guys,i have a little problem and i hope you can help me. I finished the setup for the Oculus Go for a friend with my smartphone.Now he will connect with the Oculus Go and he get the message that the Go is already connected to a device.How can i d...

repps0n by Level 2
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The menü of the oculus go is not loading

When I turn my oculus go on it loads but the menü is not loading it stays dark.I have put it back on factory settings but that has not changed anything.It seems the oculus cant find the data for the menü.I have also tried to fix this with the handyap...

Matulla by Level 2
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Go controller won't turn on

I had not used my go for about a month. I plugged in the headset and got it fully charged. Tried to turn on the controller and it is just totally dead and no light comes on. I tried holding the back and oculus buttons. Tried three different, new batt...

Oculus Go with Unity or Godot.

Hello. After a very nasty hard drive failure I've had to reinstall Unity, but as a result no longer able to build previous Oculus Go projects, which were architectural demos. I've spent the last two weeks trying to fix the projects, create new ones a...

How do I locate a lost controller

I looked everywhere and I can’t find my controller is there a way to locate it or use Bluetooth or anything like that to locate it and if it’s off is there still another way to locate it and turn it on

Apps for shared video viewing: Alternatives to Altspace

Hi,I was going to use Altspace to show videos we have made in a shared space and then chat afterwards about future projects. Now Altspace is no longer available can anyone suggest an alternative. Could I stream to 6 headsets from my Macbook using Sky...

Oculus quest 2

my headset is fully charged and when I turn it on I get the 3 dots the O then a black screen and it turns off. Help!