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[Oculus Go] Cannot complete setup

I've been searching online for anyone with the same problem, but I haven't found anything yet. I've installed the IOS app and begun setup. I'm able to detect the Go headset, but when I proceed to the next step, it takes forever to pair. And when it f...

Oculus Go not connecting to my MacBook Pro

When I connect my Oculus Go to my MacBook Pro (macOS Catalina) I am no longer getting the prompt to 'allow access' on the Go although it will continue to charge the device. When I load the Android File Transfer application it says No Android device f...

Factory reset - help

I need to perform a factory reset on my Oculus Go that I gave to my husband for Christmas. He used his business address to sign in and he's since retired. He doesn't use the Oculus Go and now I'd like to register it and use on my email address. The d...

Magnetic Charging Cables

I am looking for Magnetic Charging cables. Confused on getting Micro USB Magnetic cables or USB B ? Can anyone help ?

jg24blr by Level 2
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Display 360° panoramas

Still looking for an answer why 360° panorama equirectangular jpgs display the full 360 degrees correctly if on Dropbox but will only display as flat jpgs when accessed from my web site with Oculus Go?

urico by Level 2
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Flashing red led

hello,I’ve been getting a flashing red indicator light on my go when I plug it in to charge, however it does not appear to be charging. I read the indicator light meanings in the faq, but it doesn’t say anything about a The flashing red light so if a...

rwiggins by Level 2
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Oculus Battery appears dead

I hope someone can help. It apears that the Oculus GO battery has died. No lights, no charging.Is there a way to revive a battery or just buy another replacement battery? I can possibly ask at best buy to replace it for me if I can find a battery som...

hnpasha by Level 2
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Oculus Go Changing Teleporting and Walking Mode

Hello, am planing to buy a Oculus go. But I have a question. Can we change movement Teleporting to Walking mode? I seen a video on youtube, he was opening settings and changing movement mode to walking. I can give the link. But which model is this. C...

File Format

I uploaded several 360 panoramas in equirectangular format in jpg to a folder in Dropbox and they display well in Oculus Go. Exact same files in a folder on my website do not display correctly in Go, just the entire equi image. Any idea? Here are lin...

urico by Level 2
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Virtual desktop

Where can I go to download the latest Virtual Desktop for PC for the Oculus Go. I go to the Oculus website and it says I"ve purchased it, but there's no downlown link to be found anywhere...

Stationary Bike apps

I just received my Oculus Go today and was wondering what additional equipment I would need to use it with my stationary bike and if there are any apps that would let me see different landscapes as i bike.

Unit crashes, battery life less than 90 min

I have had this unit for less than a week. At least a dozen times, it suddenly goes black and can only be brought back to life by restarting it. Also the battery last less than 90 minutes. Would returning it for a replacement solve these issues?

QBeyes by Level 2
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Oculus Go Controller - Horrible Life Expectancy - No Power

I have 2 Oculus Go and for both of them, the Controllers die after a fe months. I replace the batteries but they do not take power anymore. I have replaced 3 in the last year and getting tired of buying a new controller every time they die. Is there ...

GMARMAN by Level 2
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Oculus Videos Movies

A lot of us that enter Oculus VR are not gamers. Me, I like-LOVE!!!-to watch movies in a theater-like setting in theater-size scale. Preferably-MUCH!!!-in 3d. Whydid you take movies from Oculus Videos??????! They were better than either Netflix or Hu...

Small images on Oculus Gallery

I might be missing something obvious, but 2D images on the Oculus Gallery app are very small. Is there a way to increase the image size please? If not, are there other apps that would allow larger images to be viewed please?

unable to connect oculus go to my flashrouter wifi

hello, hope all are safe during these times. nyc essential worker here with a bit of a problem (aside from the pandemic). bought an oculus go. had the flash router for a while now. their support isn't helpful at all, as they want a subscription for t...

Lens ring removal

Trying to put in the glasses spacer but I cannot get the lens rings off. They are so tight on I'm afraid I'll break something if I pull any harder. Is there a technique??

Paypal Payment Question

Hey all, I've just ordered an Oculus Go and was setting up the payment method for my account. As I was linking Paypal (as I want to pay for apps out of my Paypal balance only) I noticed I only had the option to use my card as the payment method. So I...

Tarney by Level 2
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Hi I want to change my environment on my Oculus go but option is missing I have read you click on library and environments should then appear on the left menu but it is simply not there. I would appreciate anyone's help to solve this.Thanks Neil

Controlling Oculus Go from PC or a second headset

I'm trying to figure out how to use the Oculus Go with seniors. I want to control a headset from outside, either with a PC or another headset linked to the one the senior is wearing. Is there a way to do this? I tried Virtual Desktop but I can't figu...

Oculus Go Not Turning on after Factory Reset

The Problem That we are having is the Oculus Go won't turn on after Factory Reset last week. I Tried Everything, and it not work, I was Removing an account from it, after the factory reset It only showing the Oculus Logo. It turned into a brick. It a...

Gamepads for Go

Which gamepads can I use with Go? It says Bluetooth ones so wireless I prresume? I have a Xbox One controller would that work?Thanks

Oculus Support - no support

Does any actually ever receive feedback from support? Total hopeless for me. Saved up, bought a Go, got it and the vision is not crystal clear, you cannot amend it. anyone else had this problem na dif so how did you fix it?

GoEden by Level 2
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Seeking beta tester for Spacewalk app update

Hello I've put a major update to my SpaceWalkVR Oculus GO app into a beta channel and am looking for a couple of helpers to check that some previously reported bugs have gone away. Any takers? Free pass code of course!Oculus won't let me post a link...


I've just bought my son a oculas go for his birthday we have started it up and followed the set up on my mobile. However the headset reads " Wi-Fi connected continue in oculas app your headset is updating". Can anyone advise how long this will need t...

Tapro90 by Level 2
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Bulk Order

I'm looking to purchase 20 oculus go headsets for our company. is it possible to bulk order direct? I've already contacted oculus business but they cannot support the go headsets. purchaseing 3 at a time is not helpful.

pvh-cs by Level 2
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Oculus go firmware version no.

When I look at device, about, OS version I see 6022380.191. Every discussion I've seen mentions numbers like 3.47 etc. I did do a factory reset and nothing changed. I also have auto update selected on my oculus phone app, which is on the same wifi ne...

reg100 by Level 2
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