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1.1.2 Release Notes!

Level 8
Hey all, 

V1.1.2 is live now.

Just a small update this time to fix some little bugs that have been... well bugging you all. 

Medium App Bug fixes:

  • Fixes to the #Xanadu error frequently encountered importing OBJs.

    • Meshes with quads can be successfully imported.

    • Meshes with missing normals can be successfully imported.

  • Fix for a bug that caused particle effects from tools to persist in recordings.

  • Collections of Stamps and Ref Images imported from a folder should now import without error.

  • All supported image file types now also support all of their extensions e.g. JPEG/JPG, without error. improvements:

  • New looks for view asset page.


Level 8

P3nT4gR4m said:

@MattHickman  Dude, I just checked again and it's not happening anymore. Wos happened? The code fairies pay you guys a visit?

LOL I dunno, some of the engineers just like to sprinkle magic in the code here and there, how is a Producer supposed to keep up? 😉 

Not applicable

P3nT4gR4m said:

Haha! That JPEG/JPG thing has been driving me mental, never got round to figuring out that's what it was tho  😮

Now I feel dumb for not realization that this was the problem myself... ^^

Level 8
This is Awesome @MattHickman - well done great news, time to smash models in and out of medium and Zbrush YAYA ... Thank You for all the hard work !