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2.0 cant import all my stamps at once?

Level 5
I could import my entire folder of stamps in the previous version. for the life of me i cant get these to import anymore?


nothing is showing up anymore, my only option is to import ONE stamp at a time? no way can this be how this works. i have TONS of stamps i use, no way in hell am i importing one at a time? tell me i'm doing something wrong? this is bananas. 

Level 7
So to import your stamps, you no longer use Documents/Medium/_Import/Stamps - To do this, you now can place them anywhere like your Desktop or your Downloads directory, and make them into stamps by navigating there with the asset browser. There is currently no way to bulk import stamps... only one at a time for now... We know this is frustrating, but we're working on making this easier. Thanks for hanging in there with us! 

Level 3
when is this fix coming? way to go though, removing a needed feature. thanks (sorry to hijack the thread)