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3D 360 not recognised in Oculus Media Studio

Level 3
I am trying to upload a 3D 360 video story but Oculus Media Studio will not recognize it as top/bottom. It sees it as mono. I have tried several times. The story is a news story about displaced people in Bangkok's Khlong Toei Slum.
Two questions. 
What is the maximum resolution that I can upload in 3D 360?
How can I fix the problem that I am having with my 3D 360 video?
Please help!

Level 3
More Info: The original file was 5760x2880. When I tried to upload that resolution I got an error message that the resolution was too low for quality playback! When I re-rendered it at 5.6K and 5.2K the file would upload but would not show top/bottom only mono. When I tried 4096x2048 I also got the error message.