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Annual Pumpkin Sculpting Contest! Due date extended, now due October 21st!

Level 7
It's finally October so it's officially time to celebrate Halloween! 


Join our celebration of
Halloween and enter for a chance to win a 3D printed prize from the Oculus
Medium team! 

This year, we’re adding two categories for new and experienced Medium users: 

1) Simple Jack-o-lantern carving

2) Advanced pumpkin object or scene


1) Use the base pumpkin sculpt downloadable from the Medium Newsfeed:

2) Submissions must be made in Medium only. 

3) Submit three (3) photos and/or a (1) 20-second video of your final sculpt.

4) Submission screenshots and videos must be taken with Medium internal photo
and video tools. 

5) Submission must be shared to your Medium web gallery (press Share inside
Medium and find your sculpt at 

6) One entry per participant. 

7) Must be 18 year or older, must be in located in 
United States, United Kingdom, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland or Japan. 

😎 Submissions must be original designs! 

9) Official rules attached.


1) Deadline: October 21st at 11:59pm PT. 

2) Email submission of 3 photos and/or 1 20-second video, a link to the sculpt
on our sharing site, and which category you are submitting to:


30 points: Design creativity and

30 points: Interpretation and clarity of
theme to the judges/viewers

30 points: Built as a standing object (ie. Can
be 3D printed, can be imported into Oculus Home).

10 points: Presentation (choice of pictures
or video will not be counted against submission)

Members of the Medium and the Home team.

Good luck! 


Level 7

For the advanced pumpkin object contest do we still need to start with the base pumpkin? If so how dramatically can it be modified? Can we add to it until it is unrecognizable?

Yup, for both categories, you need to start with the base pumpkin, but you can modify it as much as you want! Make sure to check the contest rules and peak the judging criteria, but generally, we like to leave space for creative freedom in our contest! 🙂 Good luck!

Level 3

I am from México I understand that I might nota be able yo win but do you mind if I still submit a sculpt?

Unfortunately you won't be able to win or submit to the contest, but would love to see what you create anyways! 🙂 

Well too bad, thanks any way
Maybe next time

Level 8
"Nope, my mind is completely blank....   Did you?....  I didn't choose anything....  Ray...    what did you do, Ray"

Level 7

Date extended!! 

Due Sunday, October 21st at 11:59pm PT. 


Level 2
Hope I made it in time!2ahfm2r0qraa.png

Level 2
Why people from other countries can't participate in the contest?

Level 8

NIK_SR said:

Why people from other countries can't participate in the contest?

Politics and regulations are the big ones. Every country, and often every province, district, or state in each country, has their own rules that limit which contests their residents can enter. The paperwork and filing procedures are probably simply too daunting and tedious to tackle.

Level 5

Level 5

Level 5
I've been travelling all week so I think I'm late but here's my entry.

A very lonely Pumpkin man having a go at carving his own head on all Hallows eve.



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