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Anyone elses camera totally freak out?

Level 5
I setup my Oculus at work and while holding the trigger on the left controller about every five seconds or so the camera will just do a complete 360 on its own. It's gotten to the point that it's driving me completely insane.

the battery says completely charged, so I tried putting in a new charged battery, same exact results...

I tried moving my sensors closer to me thinking maybe my cintiq was blocking the view somehow? I have two sensors on my desk by the way. The camera still flips out...

Does anyone have any suggestions? I love sculpting in Oculus so much and right now I feel like I have PTSD from The nightmare it's been causing me. I do have a third sensor by the way, I leave it at home because I'm not sure how I would use that at work unless I mounted it to the ceiling somehow? I'm sure no one would appreciate that. but I have definitely noticed this issue even at home now that I think about it with the three sensors...

WTH... Please tell me someone has a fix or suggestions. I want to sculpt in Oculus and it's almost impossible at the moment. 

Level 5
Here is a video...

Level 8
Not sure if this is related, my tracking has been super jittery the last few days, especially once I have a few layers going.

Potentially entirely coincidental.  Might be an NVIDIA problem, there's something that is causing it to take up huge amounts of memory and CPU, and is supposed to be patched in the next week or so.  Rolling back to 417.71 might be worth a shot.  Haven't tried it yet, but if you're system is unusuable then may be worth a shot.

Level 5
I found out my problem. Spotify playing in chrome was causing everything to mess up? No idea why, installing usb updated drivers, updated bios, nothing fixed this issue until i closed chrome and everything worked great.