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Feature Request: Dynamic Layer Resolution

Level 4
I really appreciate the ability to set the resolution for a layer so I can achieve the detail I need in a sculpt. However, after using the dynamic resolution features found in both Zbrush 2018 and SculptrVR, I really wish for Dynamic Layer Resolution in Medium 3.0. I would rather not have to think about resolution when in the heat of sculpting, it's a very unnatural thing added to what is otherwise a very intuitive experience. I believe this would also save memory since higher resolution is only applied locally to areas that require it instead of increasing the resolution of the entire layer.

In connection with the resolution discussion, I don't like how increasing layer resolution affects the size of the stamps I want to use, making them smaller and no way to exceed the maximum size of 100% I wish this were fixed in connection with the above request.

Thanks ever so much for an awesome sculpting medium. Only want to see if get more powerful and fun to use!


Jason W.