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Feature requests / ideas.

Level 3
Hey guys, been playing around with Medium for a little while now, and I think there's a couple things that could help get better quality results from this already great tool. I've been watching your artist spotlight on Thom McKay Price, and saw you were taking suggestions there so I thought I'd pass some along. I agree wholeheartedly with the video though, in that your focus should be on the tool / experience rather than the rendered product, there are a million and one tools out there that can do it better, although, some of the exported uv texture maps could use some finesse 😉 

1. Work / Trim planes.
the idea here is to place a plane (and multiple ones), that you can move around like any object. if a brush stroke starts on one side and passes over this plane, a clip occurs. If I have 3 planes in proper alignment, I could make an accurate triangle shape very easily, and fill it in to make a prism, this would also really help getting hard edge surfaces, which feels very challenging to achieve currently. I know you can select a square and use the line constraint, but even still, finding the right rotation / orientation / direction is tricky. A simple clipping plane could do wonders though. One could say the flatten tool could help here, but that tool often becomes hard over multiple strokes to get a properly flat surface.

2. Layer locking 
This may just be me getting used to the tools, but at some point you don't want to adjust the transforms any more and you want to only move within the space, locking a layer could help new users to not bump one layer out of position while in the layer panel. it's often impossible to get it back into the right spot once you have complex object s

3. Mirror Mode Display toggle. / More mirror planes
Pretty simple one here for the first part. allow a toggle for the mirror plane to be always visible while in sculpt mode, which could really help when starting from an empty space. As for more mirror planes, what I'm referring to is something similar to how 3dcoat approaches mirror planes...radial planes especially.  I know it's not a simple addition, but it has great potential especially when working with non-organic shapes.
this should explain what I mean entirely.

4. Alpha based brushes.
This is something I can work around with stamps of course, and plan to although I think using stamps isn't the correct approach. It would be nice to have a detailing brush which could use different brush alphas to displace the surface we are working on.

5. Masking
I know this is a bigger one, so that's why its lowest on the list. but just like zbrush / sculptris, being able to mask a part you want to block out can really help your workflow. 

That's my top 5 for now 🙂 I think this tool has great potential, and I'm really looking forward to future updates ! I'm hoping to see it mature and hopefully become a part of my workflow for unity development.