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Is Medium regularly crashing for anyone else?

Level 2

First off, huge fan of Medium, incredible tool. I always found Blender and the like too mechanical, but Medium really allows for artistic flair and creativity!

The only problem is it crashing frequently on my rig (every 10 minutes sometimes), always with the same error: 02/13/19 18:53:03 : Vulkan verify failure (-4) at line 503 of src\Vulkan\renderDeviceVulkan.cpp.

Usually on more advanced sculpts, with around 20 layers (detail level 5-6 and painted) and I have to restart Oculus otherwise Dash does not work.

I hear CPU and GPU fans spin up, it crashed and when I check the log I always see "Vulkan verify failure (-4) at line 503". I have no such instability on other none VR games, but have seen similar crashes in Oculus Home and other VR apps (however Medium seems especially susceptibility), so I do not believe its a problem with my PC as such. Play current AAA titles at 4K and no such issues.

Issue seems to have got worse around 2.2.* but may also coincide with an Oculus update.

I've raised tickets, reinstalled GPU drivers (clean install - many, many times and have tried older drivers going back a year), tweaked settings with Oculus Tool Tray.......still the same issue 😞 

So....anyone else seeing similar?


Level 2
Issue found...not Oculus or Medium (sorry)

Inno3d 1080ti OC....only two fans = insufficient cooling.

Load a friends GPU, issue gone away!

Level 7
What a relief that you're back using Medium! Woooo! 

Level 2
Yep, all fixed thanks 🙂

Ended up buying a 3rd party GPU cooler for my 1080ti and not a single crash!!

Thanks for your help and sorry for bothering you when it turned out to be a bloody hardware fault. What threw me was that the issue was only happening in VR, in hindsight obviously because it stresses the GPU more causing it to run hotter.