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Is there a way to scale an object independent of bounding box or tool size?

Level 2
I'm struggling with scale in Medium. I tend to start a sculpt, increase res for more detail, then switch tools and realize I made my sculpt way too big or too small to begin with. For example, I started sculpting a flower, but now the paint tool will only cover a very small area of my flower even when the tool is at its maximum size. It would then take forever to repaint my object because it's apparently so massive relative to my tool sizes, even though I started out thinking I was just making it the size of a flower. I can't figure out how to resize it so that my tools are the right size for me to continue working with.

When I try the "scale" option on the layer of the object, it affects my tool size as well. Is there a way I can just scale an object up and down, independent of tool size? Is there a way I can salvage these sculpts instead of starting from scratch at the correct size? How can I know what size and resolution I should begin with so I don't screw it up later?

Level 7

Load up an existing sculpt file , decrease object/layer resolution until the brush/tool is a workable size relative to the sculpt size , paint , then re-increase sculpt/layer resolution if you mean to add further sculpted detail .

 If your sculpt was started at say X5 res,X6 res or upwards before decreasing the resolution for paint application , there should be little if any perceivable loss of detail sharpness. I have a decent enough rig now (gtx1080 , i7 , 32gb ram) that I start sculpts at X8 resolution (additional layers will also be X8) and expand the first bounding box out large enough so the sculpt area is large enough to work with. Anywhere from X5 , X6 resolution upwards should be sufficient for clean , sharp sculpt detailing. Once a sculpt is complete you can decrease the entire sculpt resolution (all layers) for exporting etc.

 Try a test sculpt starting at X6 icreased resolution , just a sphere/cube , carve in some sharp / intricate surface detail , then decrease layer resolution in stages , assessing the effect this has on  the level of sculpted detail and the relative size of the tool.Decreasing layer resolution is also handy when merging layers that do not initially fit together within the shared merge box space.