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Lack of haptics?

Level 4
Hey Medium team!

Congratulations on this amazing tool you have here! I have no doubt this will start an avalanche of VR creation tools once people see the potential and how much fun it is to use!

As cool as your use of audio is, I think you are missing out on a major potential with the usage of haptics to augment the experience!

Imagine things like when you carve into the clay you get a low vibration that grows in amplitude the faster you move through the medium.  It really does give a sensation of friction and weight to the thing you are working with.

If you want to go really advanced you take this one step further with the notion of textures where you can use something like granular synthesis to "scrobble" through an audio asset when you move through the medium.

This is something I'm working on myself and hoping to post a blog on in the near future, but even starting with a simple buzz would do wonders.

So do you already have plans in place for haptics?

All the best!
CCP Games, EVE: Valkyrie developer | @SiggiGG

Level 8
Hi Siggi, 

Yes, we have support for vibration in the Touch controllers but we've disabled some of it for launch because we want to make sure we really nail it and weren't completely happy with our first pass and had issues with fatigue and how and when we wanted to taper it off.

Also the vibration uses a pretty significant amount of battery life when sustained and with long sculpting sessions we don't want to kill the batteries too quick 🙂 

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it, keep it coming and please share what you make!