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Medium Export - tip for fixing separated faces/meshes (making water tight, filling holes)

Level 3

Wanted to share this in case it helps anyone. I wanted to turn a Medium Sculpt export into a quick game asset in Unity. but I retopologized in Maya or InstantMeshes it turned into macaroni (floating faces). (I searched up some other posts here kinda related to this, but none fixed my prob)

1) So just importing Medium’s raw obj export into Autodesk MeshMixer (which is free!) ... crashed, when I tried
to run Edit > Make Solid.
(I tried running Mesh "separate" and then "combine" in Maya first, and then MeshMixer didn't crash on MakeSolid. But it still had crummy results with giant gaping holes everywhere).
(*aside: I saw a post tying this to carving/erasing and that does seem related to my biggest gaping holes. hmm )


2) But when I ran edit >
“Close Cracks” in MeshMixer first, I got near perfect results.

Like, I closed cracks, then ran
that exported obj through Instant Meshes (also free) and it was near perfect. 
(I still a couple
spots with crazy edges though. Like, some i doubled clicked a face in Maya and spotted a 2 groups of invisibly isolated faces. They had weird complicated holes you
could only detect by double clicking their edge) (i probably could have run Maya's Mesh Auto Cleanup to fuse those edges? but instead:)

+ I opened instant mesh’s near-perfect export/result again in mesh mixer and then ran
“make solid” - and it made a great mesh that was pretty much perfecto (Ie, no
remaining isolated faces or crazy hidden-edge-holes).

Hope this helps if anyone else is struggling with this.


Level 3
ah, i see the "close cracks" MeshMixer  magic was well laid out in this official post:
(somehow when i clicked that search result it took me to page 2, and I didn't think to go back and read page 1. sorry)