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Medium’s community site

Level 7

Since Medium officially launched on Tuesday, we’ve seen some amazing Medium creations on social media, reddit, and our forums - we’re so thrilled to be connecting the world with art.

Today we’re excited to announce the soft launch of Medium’s companion community site. There’s now a place to save and share sculptures, stamps, screenshots, and in-VR recordings with your friends and other artists.

We set out out to become a home for creativity in VR: a place where you can  explore new ways of expression, share art, and collaborate with others in ways you never thought possible.



There are two main ways to share from inside Medium.

  1. Upload the sculpt you are currently working on from the “Share” button in the Home Screen (next to “Export”)

  2. You can look at your Assets Browser(The right hand panel in the Home Screen) to view your personal stamps, screenshots, and recordings. When you select an individual asset, you will reach a menu with which you can Share and Name that asset. (Please note - you’re unable to share sculpts through the Asset Browser, only the Share button).

Sharing will bring up your default browser that pops up behind Medium, so you can continue creating in Medium while uploading. Once uploaded, you can change the description of the asset, choose whether it’s public or private, and attach a Creative Commons license to it (more on Creative Commons licenses on the Guidelines page). Everything you upload and make public will be on your personal Artist Gallery page, where a friend or collaborator will be able to download your creations straight into Medium as well as into high-resolution OBJ’s.

Right now, to share assets with each other, you must share Gallery URL’s with each other. (It’s also a good idea to bookmark your Artist Gallery URL for yourself!). Discoverability is a work in progress, but we’ll get there soon!


Level 7

Just published to the Medium community site, but the sculpt is private? Apparently I am not in the US, but I am? I don't get it.

At the bottom of the OP it talks about needing to share the URLs atm. Might relate to it being private?

Level 4

Just published to the Medium community site, but the sculpt is private? Apparently I am not in the US, but I am? I don't get it.

What do you see under "Privacy" when you go to edit that Sculpt? Does it say something like, "Medium is not available in your region"? Or do you have the option of making it pubic from there? 

Level 4
We're starting the site off as US-only just to get going. To be honest, the Medium team is pretty new at this website thing and we just want to start off slowly as we get it off the ground. Most of us live in the US and are more comfortable with the policies for online content here so it's a little easier for us to launch in the US instead of trying to figure out the whole world right off the bat. 

Level 7
Baby steps ... can't wait to see how Medium grows over time :smiley:
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Level 13
@Lieb Thanks for being honest and letting us know! Although im sure there are some colleagues around the office that can help you with the web stuff  😛
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Level 12
Yeah, is totally understandable, guys. Keep us Europeans updated whenever there's a plan for rolling out this side of the Atlantic. On behalf of the unamericans, we promise to be super patient!  o:)

On a side note. Is there a dev blog or any plans for one or are you planning on playing it close to your chests? 

BTW: If and when you need alpha or beta testers - I'm very good at breaking software 😄

Level 4

P3nT4gR4m said:
BTW: If and when you need alpha or beta testers - I'm very good at breaking software 😄

Everyone is good at breaking stuff, you need to be bug at bug reporting :wink:

Level 2

Enabled in US Only


Level 4
Hey, I noticed when doing a sculpt at workthat it didn't want to upload it to any account other than the one it was made on.

I had to log out of oculus itself, and log in on my account, then copy over the model I'd made and do some fudgery in the files to get the model to upload. It would be really great to have an easier way to get models to the right community page for all the people that sketch on their lunch break or at a friend's house.

I'd also love to see a sketchfab/marmoset like model viewer on the sharing site. I've been putting mine up on sketchfab so far. Alternately, you coult team up with them like tilt brush is doing.

It's also sure to be a ton of bandwidth trouble, but I feel like the 500mb limit on models is going to keep some of the most interesting and detailed work off the site. Some kind of way to check the file size while sculpting to stay under this limit would help as well.

Last, though not a community site suggestion, it would be really great to be able to pick the drive and directory where the sculpts end up. A lot of these can be pretty big, so if your main drive is already close to full things could fill up pretty fast.

Level 3
Does anyone know if there is a way to change the environment within oculus medium? I love the app it's great, but I'd like to display my finished sculptures in a better way. Should I use another program like sketchfab? ****************