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Nearly lost project from renaming it inside Medium

Level 4
Has anyone had issues with renaming their project?

When I renamed mine,
Medium somehow lost the associated *.asset file, and I was no longer
able to access my project anymore.

I thought hours of sculpting was lost forever, but luckily I was
able to look at another project folder, figure out the plain text
*.asset file was missing, copy it, edit the file names inside to match,
and fake a project id to recover the project.

In case this happens to anyone else, that's how you can recover it.

Level 7
Dang, this isn't supposed to happen when you rename from inside Medium! When you say it somehow lost the .asset file, was it there when you first saved your project? 

Level 4
Hi, jessicazeta, sorry for the late reply. Yes, the project saved and loaded just fine for quite a while. At some point I tried renaming the project, and somehow the .asset file disappeared in the renamed project.

Recently while working on another sculpt, my computer crashed while I was in Medium. After rebooting, the project no longer loaded. The .asset file was there, but contained only spaces. I tried the same trick of copying then editing another project's .asset file, but Medium complained when attempting to load the .sculpt file. Luckily I had an older backup due to the previous experience, so I only lost some work, but this second time was not recoverable.