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Oculus Medium 2.2!!

Level 7

We’re celebrating the end of the year with our 2.2 Release! We’ve listened to your feedback and worked to improve Medium as a powerful object editor.

Accidently moved the mirror tool? We’ve added Node Lock! Scene Graph confusing you? Check out the new Node Settings menu! Unintentionally changed your stamp orientation? We’ve swapped the tool size shortcut and applicator transform! Find yourself constantly revising your settings? Most tool settings now save across sessions. To top it off, we’ve added 10 new languages.

Medium Ver. 2.2 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Node lock is in! Lock scene objects to prevent accidental moves, or lock your layers to freeze clay editing.

  • Tool settings - except for constraints, color, stamp, and the size slider - now save across sessions. Scene settings still save across sculpts.

  • The scene graph is now organized in a much less cluttered format, making hierarchy editing faster and more understandable with the new Node Settings menu.

  • We’ve added a toggle to turn custom stamp color on or off in the stamps menu. It defaults to “Off.”

  • Move tool: Double clicking in Move Tool now toggles between default and elastic move, and strength in both modes has been tuned to incorporate more stiffness parameters.

  • You can now change the tool applicator transform of all tools, including raycast tools.

  • New languages available! Change your language in Skyline to access Medium in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, or Japanese.

    • As part of the localization push, we now allow the import and reading of assets named with special characters.

    • We also fixed the long standing bug where users with special characters in their Windows username were unable to start.

  • We’ve swapped the tool size shortcut and applicator transform to minimize the amount of mistaken applicator changes.

    • Push the tool hand thumbstick to the left or right for the shortcut to change your tool size, which is now also more accurate.

    • Depress the tool hand thumbstick to change the applicator transform.

  • We’ve updated our Manual to reflect some of the current changes. Visit our manual by navigating to the top black bar at, or going straight to

Bug Fixes:

  • The move tool respects grid snap constraints.

  • Required confirmation when deleting assets in the asset browser.

  • When you select a scene object, its node in the Scene Graph will scroll into view.

  • Clay surface artifacts fix. This was showing up mostly when using the move tool repeatedly.

  • Default file names when saving or exporting are back, and dictating a library is not required before saving.

  • Steady stroke with raycast tools have been re-tuned.

  • Stamps no longer rearrange order within their collection every time the app restart - they will stay alphabetical.

  • Bloom is no longer enabled at launch if option is set to off.

  • Improved video capture quality using the in-Medium capture on NVIDIA machines.

  • Export folders now reliably and automatically generate.

  • The export transform is now the scene origin.

  • Move tool preview now consistently updates when pressing the alt tool or around the scene graph.

  • Repeatedly looking at tooltip videos over time doesn’t cause graphical corruption.

  • Fixed existing ASW implementation ahead of ASW 2.0 release. 

Known Problems:

  • Video quality using the in-Medium capture on AMD machines is still fairly low quality.

CL 134541584


Level 8
Finally found some time to try out some of the features.  Locking is really nice! This is going to be really useful!  Also quite pleased to see the return of working video recording, and the turntable seems much easier to control.  

Low res inflate is a bit inconsistent across mirror sides, but overall mirroring appears better.  I don't really have the hang of re-centering stamps yet, so jumping out to reread the instructions.  Will just have to go through everything as soon as possible.

Overall is impressive so far, I like the way the palletes got stacked.  Very intuitive.  Definitely moving in the right direction! Going to have to get a few days in before I form deeper opinions about it.  Looking forward to checking out the changes to the other features.

Edit:  Checked out the angle/grid snap improvements.  Definitely some things to explore there.  Interesting potentials!

Level 3
Wuhoo I got it working. Although I had my virus checker disabled it seems like it was that that may have been causing the problem. I ran it today but forgot to turn virus checker off and a pop up appeared asking to give Medium access to the internet, as soon as I did that it loaded.

Level 9
This is all very cool, haven't tried everything yet though.
I still have memory issues pretty quickly. Granted I've got only 8 GB of RAM, but I still find it weird that the memory would fill in so quickly. There's definitely some optimization to do on that part. Like, why isn't memory cleaned up whenever I load another model (or try to make a new one)?
Hyped for the Quest 2!

My hopes for VR next gen:
- Full Body Tracking. Come on, Oculus!
- Eye tracking with foveated rendering. Must reduce the power needs!
- More big-scale games. I need a true VRMMORPG!
- Bigger community.

"If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."

Level 2
Loving the new update although switching the resizing and positioning tools has tripped me up a bit, nothing i can't unlearn though lol but one thing I've noticed that doesn't seem to be working as intended is the lock feature, sure it locks me out of selecting layers but if I have the move tool active and have "only active layer" turned off the move tool still affects the locked layers, which i was hoping it would only affect unlocked layers. the only way i've found around this is to turn off the visibility of the layers i don't want to be affected but than i have no reference when adjusting my pieces.

No other criticisms aside from that, keep up the great work! ::smile:


Level 7
@macatck, Great bug! We'll check it out. 

@LuluViBritannia, Thanks for the description there. Bugging it!

Level 7
Patch incoming! 

Medium Ver. 2.2.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Inconsistent scene origin offset is now repaired.

  • Material slider increments have changed to allow for better granularity.

  • Color now saves across sessions.

Level 2
Hi, Since updating to 2.2 & 2.2.1 Medium is crashing at random intervals, requiring me to open task manager and kill the process.

Please see attached log.

PC Spec:

Windows 10
I7 8700k
1080ti (latest drivers - 417.35)

Ive tried reinstalling both Medium and Nvidia drivers.

Any ideas from the log?


Level 7
Hey @wahwah1975, thanks for your log! We *think* we're addressing the error that causes your crash in the next patch - look forward to what you find once we release it. Let us know if you still encounter the problem after it's out!

Level 7

Medium Ver. 2.2.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Tool menu UI buttons activate on trigger press instead of release.

  • Tool apply transform edits should no longer be on the undo stack.

  • Fixed the visibility icon in the Scene Graph showing as on, when Scene Origin disabled.

  • Meshes now import with their externally set origin and scales.

  • Lathe is now parented under scene origin and no longer ground constrained and can be freely moved around.

  • Moving the lathe around is now undoable.

  • Fixed cut tool on hidden active layer not giving good visual feedback.

  • Fixed how the flatten tool appears constrained to the surface when setting is toggled off.

  • Fixed the inability to not write over external sculpt files.

  • Fixed move tool artifacting on the fall off on the default (non elastic) mode, when strength was less than 100%.

  • Fixed bug where move tool set to affecting all layers, affected locked layers.

  • Fixed bug where sculpt layers were still modified when hidden in scene graph.

  • Added a lock icon on the node settings menu, alongside other shortcuts like visibility, duplication, etc.

  • Increased the range of the cut tool to help cut higher res layers.

  • Fixed the bug around number pad sticking to support hand when set to left handed.

  • Got rid of tool hand AO at close zoom.

  • Increased the max available light intensity.

Stability Improvements

  • Fixed the crash when duplicating a set of multiple layers past the 100 layer limit.

  • Fixed the crash when cancelling a layer operation after a low memory warning.

  • Fixed a crash that made Move Tool a lot less stable (there was a memory bug).

  • Fixed another memory issue with Color Picker that would cause a periodic crash.

Level 8
Really liking this update.  Subtle changes, quite nice though.