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Oculus Medium Crashes

Level 2
Dear All,

I have a laptop 7720 Dell Precision with P4000 NVIDIA QUADRO Vready Video (which Oculus told me isn't Oculus Ready, despite of what Nvidia Tells about). 32Gb RAM, i7

All my experience is super slow with Rift and touch, ok maybe it is normally slow with 8Gb Video Card. But both Medium and Google Earth VR so not start at all.
Especially Medium crashes istantaneously and their log found internal non compatible connection inside my laptop-

What Can I do? Oculus tells me it is a Laptop problem, but Dell Support Guaranteed me a perfect working. Do you have any suggestion? I would like to join the VR world but it is very difficult



Level 8
Medium in particular uses a large amount of video RAM and I would strongly suspect it's the mobile GPU unfortunately. There are only a few laptops out there that can successfully run VR let alone Medium since we're manipulating a huge amount of visual data it's pretty processor intensive. 

Dell's drivers usually lag a bit behind nvidia's publicly released drivers but I would make sure you have those all the way up to do, ensure you don't have any GPU tuners enabled, turn off all adware/malware scanners (or better yet try to launch not connected to the internet) and see if you can run. 

Level 2
Thank you very much, will try

Level 3
Did you have any progress ?