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Oculus Medium Releases & Updates

Level 7
Welcome to Oculus Medium! Medium uses Touch controllers to let you sculpt, model, paint, and play in virtual reality.

Please post all questions and feedback to this forum. 

You can share your sculpts with us! Find the Medium team @OculusMedium on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Happy sculpting!

Latest Update: 

Medium 2.3.3 Release Notes



  • Fixed an occasional crash when selecting a Scene Graph node that didn't have an action menu (ie. the Grid node)

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Level 4
I would love a Move Brush that you could push/pull the clay with. 
A mask system would be nice too.

My first quick sculpt

Level 9

narsh said:

Dumbunny said:

Game keeps crashing whenever I try to start it. I get an OpenGL error. Anybody else?

I am getting an OpenGL Error. 6mtbw4h5p7oo.jpg

I am also getting this crash/error when trying to launch Medium.  I tried uninstalling, restating, and then re-downloading.  Still crashes.  I have a GTX 1080 FE with the most recent driver v371.19. (Edit: also I7 6700k)

This is probably unrelated, but I noticed that after downloading Medium, Oculus didn't require me to click on a button to finish installing the game.  It just showed up in my library.  I think that step was necessary on all my other Oculus games/apps.

Got the same system then you i7 6700K and 2 GTX 1080, touch arriving today, I will report back.
i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz | Corsair 16GB DDR4 PC2300 | GTX 1080 Ti | Asus z170-Pro | Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard | Logitech G27 | Oculus CV1 + Touch + 4 Sensors | Win 10 64 bit | Acer Predator x34 @ 100Hz

Level 3

Medium is cool, but as i create sculputures they keep getting really large like i am zoomed in and then when i use the move trick to push it away, it jumps way off the platform and i can't get it close again no matter how much i try to move it closer.  Does that make any sense?  How do i pull it back close so i can continue to edit it?

You can make it smaller and bigger. Hold both grip buttons (if I remember correctly) and pull apart to make it bigger or pull together to make it smaller.

Level 2
Is there going to be any fix for the "blurriness" encountered when looking at the virtual touch controllers? Quite a few of us reporting the same thing on reddit.

Level 2

YoLolo69 said:

Just to be sure, you mean v376.19 drivers released yesterday right? Not sure it help, just notified the difference/possible typo...

Sorry... yes, I meant v376.17 drivers.  Will edit typos in my post.  Thanks!

Level 5

Just had my first go and Loved this!! 🙂
I made a chair just like my first thing in the Vive piant thing whatsitcalled. I don't know why a chair but it is a easy nice thing to start with and it always makes me want to sit down on it. Maybe for next update?

Interface and tools of course needs work and it will be interesting to see where and how far Oculus want to take Medium.

I'd like to add better useage feedback but here are the first ones. (bear in mind i skipped the tutes so some of these might be there already)

-Color select is too fiddly and sensitive to use. Bright colors in the middle are too close to each other.
Would like RGB, HSV variants please?

- Flatten tool need to have falloff towards the edges to avoid getting sharp corners everywhere. (maybe have an optional spherical flatten? Or should that be done with a push tool?)

- Material brushes.

- I need to figure out the cut tool and see what it does.

- Keyboards typing with index fingers.

- Would like tool select palette to be visible at all times, so I don't have to press a button to get there. Too much thinking and clicking atm. 

Thanks this was fun!

Level 3
For those seeing the OpenGL error discussed above could you please send me your system specs (OS, cpu, gpu, gpu driver version) and the log file located at...

C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Oculus\Medium\log

For those that aren't seeing Medium even start there are 2 known issues:
- Running with your monitors identified as "Generic Pnp Monitor" in Windows (aka. no monitor driver installed) sometimes causes this. Going to Device Manager -> Monitors -> right-clicking and selecting "Update Driver" to install a driver for the monitor should fix this.
- Running with no monitors attached will be supported in an upcoming patch.

If Medium is not starting up for you and neither of those apply then please send your system specs and the log mentioned above. 


Level 3
This is for the oclulus  Medium OpenGl Error. Funny i was able to load
up medium and use it yesterday but now i cant but  here is my system
spec  and also the log you requested. Thanks for all the help

*******Update********Just wanted to let anybody know what solved the OpenGl error with medium
is just unplugging the rift from the back of the PC then plug it back up. and  then start the
game up. That fixed it for me atleast

Level 2

Gadget73 said:

Help! Medium is not working! Right eye view is heavily distorted and the left eye has many artifacts. It is unusable. Using a R9 390 with latest drivers. 

I'm having the same issue. I bought the Oculus specifically for this app after testing it at a convention. 

My right vision is really distorted and there are horizontal lines shooting out from the object and the controllers. 

Level 4
I had the same issues (R9 390) and the newest beta AMD driver 16.11.5 was the fix. Some other thread had that solution.