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Post Your First Medium Sculpts!

Level 13
I will get this going! 

Just went through the tutorial, the UI is sooo easy to use, picked it up right away. I do have experience with 3D in Maya but still!

Here is my first sculpt, took me about an hour to do 🙂 

Check out my Medium Sculpts:

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Level 12
Are we allowed to post second sculpts here? THIS IS TOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Oculus, Facebook, whoever - chuck stupid money at this team they are godlike visionaries! Well played Medium people I am in love with your software.


Level 5
Damn, some of you are talented.  I made a dented blob.

Level 3

curiously not dissimilar to your profile pic there @Bankie & I get the feeling you had fun regardless of what you think of the results!

Bankie -> Banksy ???

I am obviously his alter-ego. Yes, this (and the other Touch stuff) has been fun, rivalling the initial experience of Oculus earlier in the year.

Level 9
I picture Zenbane and Atmos73 in Co-op mode re-enacting the Ghost pottery scene.
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Volunteer Moderator
it's not often I read a post 3 times and laugh each time

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Level 5
Medium is so easy to use
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Level 7


First go at using Medium after doing the opening tutorial... Wanted the green blobs to be luminescent, but haven't been able to find it or metallic within the settings for colours  :'(  

Being able to record is a nice built in feature, but have no way to convert the .rec file used. Loving medium so far :smiley:


whoop... found it :smiley: pull down on the support controller thumb stick [layers menu], then hit the settings button on the tool controller. 

That is so cool looking haha!

Man a these are all great! Thanks for sharing guys.

Level 4

started with the spaceship, then the fire, then the rocks, then the yellow thing. about 1 hour. seems like this is pushing the limits of Medium, when I load this scene back up I get a "your computer is going to run out of memory" message!

Level 4
When I "save as" where is it saving the file?
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Level 4
Found it

CPU: i7-4790k SSD: Samsung EVO 1TB SSD: PNY SSD240GB Graphics Card: GTX 1070 A bunch of parts that make the magic happen!