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Stamp Library

Level 2

New on the forums, but have been using Medium in my professional work since the beginning of the year.

Now that I've got quite the collection of Custom Stamps it's getting increasingly harder to browse through them.
- Is there a way to create new folders for my custom stamps?



Level 7
Hi @johanidesjo, here's some information about organizing stamps. You can find more info in the manual at, specifically on page 137. Cheers!

Moving a Stamp to a New or Different Collection
When you save a stamp, it’s saved by default to the Custom collection. However, you may want to move
the stamps you’ve created into other collections. To move a stamp:
1. Select the Clay tool.
2. Press the Settings button on the Tool hand.
3. Select [Stamps].
4. Select the edit icon to the right of the collection that contains the stamp.
5. A dialog opens, showing the stamps in the collection. With the Tool hand, select the stamp you
want to move to a new collection.
6. Choose [Change Collection] from the stamp dialog.
7. Use the keyboard to enter the name of the destination collection.
- If you enter the name of an existing collection, the stamp is moved there.
- If you enter a new collection name, the collection is create and the stamp is moved into
Note: If you move the last stamp out of a collection, that collection is automatically removed
from your library