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Sterling's Sketchbook

Level 8
Just thought i would boot up a sketch book 🙂 been smashing out models in medium - so many times im just like blown away by this creative tool 🙂 

video >>

Level 8
For Export to  Zbrush - same thing Split the parts from poly groups and split the window out. Centered the model to zero in Zbrush and mirror and weld to check. 

lol the ground has reflections - doh ! maybe its wet. 
Medium RAW sculpt

Level 8
A little update on the Alien Grunt dude and the Xenomorph >> 

This guy is working out pretty good - In medium I only really sculpted the right hand side of the forms, like the arms / legs and head - taking it back to Zbrush I can mirror and weld the parts and tidy them up. My next steps with this is to finish some of the hard surface parts and sculpt more detail on the arms/torso/legs and head - Uv it and paint it. I prefer to render maquettes and any real projects of substance in Houdini Mantra - so I probably will do that. 

The Xenomorph head from Medium > again Medium is a god send, it allows you to build up to 85-95% of the sculpt and really the clean up and additions can be done in Zbrush. 

So yea decided to do the body as well - this was about 1.5 - 2 hours - the heads a bit small but it was just there for placement as I already have the head 90% the way. For the feet and hands, I might just do them in Zbrush. Like I said before Medium is just so amazing and quick at getting something working fast without hassle. 

Cheers !!

Level 7
Great work on the spaceship and Xenomorph. Also interesting to hear about your workflow in zbrush.. pretty similar to mine in regards to splitting polygroups but I haven't tried to mirror and weld yet. Did do a rebuild symmetry once with a symetrical piece from Medium. Seemed to work quite well. I'm really looking forward to an update to Medium that lets us have more control of placement of the model in terms of world space. As it is now, I spend quite some time realigning models with world center. Do you work as a 3d modeller fulltime?

Level 8
Thanks @Martinity - yea workflow is get the model out of medium and into zb, center it to zero > mirror and weld > split unmasked and dynamesh to match the resolution, from there i split again depending on the model.Sculpt the forms and add parts needed, for fun just chuck it into KS to render. Yes snap or some way of moving the sculpt will be very helpful - i had lights on the ship but the center to sculpt scrwed up the placement and was trying to reposition it, but the contollers are so sensitive lol i couldnt reposition it - so just deleted them. With work i own a small business called, focusing on corporate, tvc, and film - works a bit slow at the moment. Maybe for a reason as my creative drive is insane haha !

Level 7
Quality output once again . The xeno headsculpt looks spot-on ,

Level 8
WOW.. I'm speechless again.. medium is amazing - one layer all flow, two divisions. Just exploring and expressing 🙂 


Level 12
How many sculpts is that for you @Sterling77 ? I'm pushing quarter of a thousand and I'm still getting that - "holy shit I've hardly scratched the surface!" - thing.

Level 8

I call this one > SCYNACRID 
I did some light passes and comped them in Photoshop - You can potentially output render passes just like Zbrush.

Level 5
Awesome, looks like a Lovecraftian Nightmare.

Level 8

Awesome, looks like a Lovecraftian Nightmare.

Thanks for the comment - really happy with it 🙂 it got smashed on instagram.