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VR Starship Design "Beta Contest" | MoSF & Hayfield Isovista

Level 2
To highlight
the relationship between science fiction and the development of virtual
reality, the Museum of Science Fiction & Hayfield Isovista are holding a VR
Starship Design beta competition. This beta competition is open to all
students, designers, engineers, builders, and artists. People from the
United States and abroad may enter the competition.  Starships must be
primarily built in a VR modeling tool such as (but not limited to)
Gravity Sketch, Oculus Medium, or Google Tiltbrush.  Final works will
be used in a online VR class on art gallery design, be displayed within an exploratory multiuser Unity 3D gallery space, and shared at Escape Velocity 2019, the Museum of Science Fiction's annual
conference in Washington DC. See the Introduction Page below for details.


Level 9
My Starship design is my bedroom (love pad). It has Plumb painted walls and is in the shape of a Pentagon. It has Galaxy Black Porceline tiles with glittering stars and features UnderFloorHeating. It also has a matching Lava Lamp and plays KPOP 24/7!

Do you think my real world bedroom can become a Starship in VR? I don't see any reason why it should be different to this. Surely flying through Space looking at a Black screen gets dull quickly 😉

Level 7
Wow this is awesome!! Keep us updated if you hear that more submissions were sculpted in Medium!