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Medium Won't Work

So I downloaded Oculus medium and every time I opened it it would say: Fatal error medium has crahsed.I tried moving my directory to C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\Medium and now I cant even open it, it just says: An unexpected error occurred. Please try ...

Networking and number of people sharing

Good afternoon, I'm attempting to get Studio Share (I'd like to demo and highlight more than change) working in an enterprise environment, however our firewall blocks pretty much everything.Does anyone know what sites and ports would have to be open,...

Issues with right touch controller

I was working in Medium without any issues for two weeks since I got the Rift. Since yesterday the right touch controller doesn't respond normally. If I press the trigger or the grip button nothing happens at first. Then after a couple of seconds the...

whew by Level 2
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Only one eye is working

Hello all,I just got my oculus recently and have been enjoying the tutorial and toybox but when I launch oculus medium, it seems like only one eye is outputting (left eye). I can see some of the screen from my right eye but I think its from the left ...

Problems importing reference images

I got some problems trying to import reference images. I pasted the images on: C:\Users\danil\Documents\Medium\Reference Images and Medium doesn't recognize them. I tested .jpg and .png Am I doing something wrong?

danilo by Level 4
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Sterling's Sketchbook

Just thought i would boot up a sketch book  been smashing out models in medium - so many times im just like blown away by this creative tool  video >> https://www.facebook.com/sterling.osment.3/videos/1867598740162726/

Medium 2.0 "loading" forever when I try to quit

In 2 of the 3 times I've tried quitting Medium 2.0 (both with alt-F4 and with the VR "quit app" interface), the "cute walking shapes" loading animation will come up, and just stay up for at least several minutes until I gave up and closed it in Task ...


After using Medium for a while, my system gave me out of disk space warnings. It turned out that Medium created (and keeps creating) enormous log files. The largest one was 60 GB (!). So far it seems to be save to delete the log files but of course i...

Medium 2.0 Hierarchy/Scale Not Saving

I really like the idea of the new feature set in Oculus Medium and the improvements were great as I worked on a new Sculpt last night for about an hour and a half.Unfortunately, this morning, when I went to load it to continue, the hierarchy was gone...

Upon startup i get Fatal Error: Medium has crashed

Medium was working fine until a few days ago.I got a displayport to hdmi converter for my 2nd monitor and that caused both monitors to be unstable, going on and off, or displayed no signal at all. This is the only notable change I can think of. I'm u...

Unityboy by Level 2
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Medium doesn't save layer order?

Is it normal that when I quit Medium and come back, all of my layers are in a different order? (They seem to be in the order they were created in, rather than the order that I sorted them into for organizational purposes...)

How do I set up a default export orientation?

It seems that export orient the object in the current orientation.Is there a way to set the default orientation, translation and scale of an object so I can import in Unity, then iterate on the model in Medium without having to bring it back in maya ...

Mixed Reality Capture like the FB Liveshows

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTiH3LfmAAEIn the video they say that in the future Mixed Reality Capture will be accessible through the Dash.Is there any way to do what they're doing in the Facebook Liveshows for MRC in Medium for average folks like...

Fistful of Colors Sketchbook

For this one I followed the paint export tutorial from SouthernGFX to get the texture out of Medium and create some render passes.Really having fun with Medium! I'm thinking of doing a full scene soon - but maybe its better to do some more test sketc...

Use better GPU for Vulkan?

https://twitter.com/Nosferalatu/status/1012399669094146048https://i.gyazo.com/8358b48de650995368df3705b7e25e8c.pngTrying to understand how Vulkan works. Would having a 1080ti be significantly better than my gtx 980 in terms of efficiency? I was think...

Medium Weekly Challenge

So I was thinking we should do a weekly challenge. Like you can do them all or one, whatever. we all get super busy..STARTING MONDAY THE 19th5 DAYS 5 SCULPTSMech Monday ( Mechs rock )Tree Tuesday ( Trees are great and relaxing ) Worm Wednesday ( Dune...

Resolved! Flood fill / tint layer?

Is there any way to quickly flood an entire layer to a chosen color? Any time I'm not happy with something's color, I always need to wave the brush around the whole area (the brush isn't big enough to surround it all at once, even at its biggest size...

[SUGGESTION] Matcap/Lit Sphere Shader Support

Matcap/Lit Sphere support, allowing import of matcap spheres with some settings such as orientation, cavity, depth, colorize, blur, intensityFor those who do not know what it is:http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Spherical_environment_maphttps://help.ske...

Merge layers

Hi guysI'm trying to merge some layers, but that cuts part of the object away.What do i do about that ?

Medium 2.0 File Manager Bug

I apologize if this is not the appropriate feedback channel for bug discussions... this may be isolated.I've noticed that when saving a sculpt to file, that new file media manager seems to not refresh the contents of the save.In other words if I save...