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Help req: Can't choose right handed (SOLVED)

New to rift. Loaded up Medium and it crashed first time. Restarted and got to picking left or right handed, it won't respond. I have the pointer from my right touch controller but none of the buttons select right handed. Tried left handed same thing....

Nomad-76 by Level 3
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Fatal Error : Medium has crashed (x2)

Since a few months ago, I am plagued with this infamous dialog box when starting up Medium.Happens pretty much instantly, clicking "OK" close the box then the same appears a second time.Looking at the files in AppData\LocalLow\Oculus\Medium\log it se...

fatal error crash after 70% load

so i have this high poly scene that crashes when loading, after about 70% load, without any error report or error code. the scene looks fine in the library preview thumbnail. checked the resources when loading and there is no special stress on the me...

Does Oculus Medium work with mixed reality?

Medium is used as an example on the Oculus Reality Capture Setup Guide at https://support.oculus.com/guides/rift/latest/concepts/mr-intro/I see that it is obviously working in the official Oculus Medium videos. However, is it something that others ca...

Question about repositioning model

My sculpture has managed to be moved outside of the cube boundaries somehow. How do i move the sculpture back to the center of the boundary cube? I am working on a model that i drew out in a stick figure frame, and most of it has been completed but n...

Resolved! Paint Tool - Project Texture

Just started using this..but didn't find anything in search.Can you use a texture to paint colors? (ie project texture to paint decal)Also limit paint to front/surface? seems the brush radius paints the depth...so thin objects get painted on the back...

dbaker by Level 3
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Home / Rift Core 2.0 prep

Anybody else working on nick knacks or clutter for their home? Drop some pic's or ideas in here to get some creative ideas going for us.  i'll kick this off with what I've got so far..

How to restart Oculus Medium ?

Hi, I was playing Oculus Medium, then my friend also wanted to play it after me, but i was unable to fin da way to reset the game so he could also do the beginning tutorial.Is there any way to reset the game files, without reinstalling so that the tu...

re-installed oculus & medium and lost my custom stamps

I recently got a new hard drive. After installing it, I uninstalled Oculus and re-installed it onto the new hard drive. I reinstalled medium and a few other games, and when I went into medium, my library was empty. My husband got my sculpts to transf...

eithman by Level 4
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Transparent/glass materials in medium?

There have been so many things I have gone to make that require transparent materials like glass, water, gems, etc. I am just wondering why there is no way to make materials transparent or if that is even a possible update. The metallic and light mat...

eithman by Level 4
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No updates in a while?

I've been using medium at work almost exclusively, i haven't touched zbrush in ages. I felt like medium was getting updates regularly with all the suggestions out there. I hadn't had to open medium in quite a while because of different tasks at work,...

Metrons by Level 5
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Something wrong with the Cut tool

I think that there is something deeply wrong with the cut tool, or maybe I am doing something wrong... it crashes a lot and sometimes it doesn't cut anything, even when it is trespassing the entire mesh. Right now it's a matter of luck using the tool

danilo by Level 4
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Layer /paint

Hi guysAre there any way to use different roughness, on the different colors you use in one layer ?

Hide unselected layers?

I'm working on a sculpt with a lot of layers, is there a way to quickly hide all layers except the one im currently working on?

rbrook by Level 3
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medium to unity texture/material and topology???

I am about as novice as it gets; self taught and just started learning late last year. My husband and I are trying to make a VR video game in Unity and I have been designing characters and assets(such as buildings, plants, vehicles, objects, etc.) in...

eithman by Level 4
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Stamps grayed out

I've been having this issue where whenever I try to import an fbx or obj into stamp format, the stamp in the tool bar looks completely grayed out like how you see in the image i attached. If I try to stamp it into the scene, it works fine, but it's a...

SouthernGFX Sketchbook

A couple of weeks in now and I'm loving working with Medium. Lots of things I want added but to be honest I'm happy enough learning what's there for now. We've had stuff out and got it into ZBrush with good success. We've managed to get stuff into Me...

My thoughts and suggestions.

Got this long long time ago, but haven't really used it.Now i made my first sculpt, and i think this program need some basic tools, like pinch/crease (for me this is one of the most important tools in sculpting)Mask would be really great to.Scaling t...