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Clay consistancy

I am new to VR sculpting and Medium. I keep having issues with a clean flow with the clay option. It starts out fine but the more I build it starts lagging and only putting out a ball instead of a line. Any thoughts?

rwfx by Level 2
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Looking for program to model large maps...help

Hi, I am looking for the best program to build large scale but low detail maps. Totally a beginner to 3D modeling. I am writing a fantasy novel about adventurers exploring dungeons filled with monsters and I want to model the dungeon. This requires l...

Cyliss by Level 2
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Oculus medium problem

Hey guys. I bought the oculus rift mainly because of Medium and for the first couple of days it worked lika a charm - last night it started to crasch while I was rooting around the stamps - the crash happened outside the VR-environment and I never sa...

Import image

Does anyone know if you can import a translucent image or make an imported image semi opaque? I would like to use an image as an overlay so that I can do some basic sculpting in order to Speed up the process. I’m doing what is essentially bass relief...

mricks7 by Level 2
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facebook sharing problem

I have tried everything, if i share directly to facebook, it comes up with an error, about url not found. If i share from Oculus Gallery,it will come to my wall as it should. But if i then try to share it from there, it will just make a link to my oc...

DreamShapers sketch book

Medium is a fantastic experience, before I keep adding sculpts, decided it's time to start a sketchbook. Will start with a bit of a retrospective, and more or less start at the beginning and with any luck, keep at it for years. Here's a carousel I ma...

Feature request: Exporting Poly Mesh

Hi! I've had a lot of success making art and architecture projects with Medium and using Poly Meshes for reference. I feel there is a missed opportunity of letting users export their models with the poly Meshes they used as reference.Would it be poss...

Is Medium regularly crashing for anyone else?

Hi,First off, huge fan of Medium, incredible tool. I always found Blender and the like too mechanical, but Medium really allows for artistic flair and creativity!The only problem is it crashing frequently on my rig (every 10 minutes sometimes), alway...

Medium Mesh Import Guide

Hey all,My name is Duncan, I'm a dev on the Medium team. I know some people have been asking for an import guide, so I wrote up some short guidelines. This guide is targeted specifically to Reference Meshes, though there's certainly some overlap with...

Crashes during update notifications

This has happened several times in the last few days, usually while running windows media player in the background.Sound will buzz/music stops (audio cue?), and the computer locks up entirely or manages to recover.In cases where it recovers, there wi...

Resolved! Medium Crash on Startup: How to Fix?

I just bought an Oculus Rift + Touch, and got it set up this last Saturday (August 11, 2018). I'm really excited to use Medium, and it's the single biggest reason why I got VR, and why I chose Oculus Rift specifically!Unfortunately, I installed the M...

alxmars_ by Level 2
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Oculus Medium keeps crashing fatal error

Ive been trying to get medium to work for two weeks now looking at every fourm post and ive tried all of it. I dont have overclocking software, I deleted the asset file and I tried rerouting it and i have updated drivers for moniter and gpu driver no...

Medium Crash on Start... Suggestions?

Hey everyone... just getting into the Rift family here and loving it... Medium however is giving me fits... here's what I'm getting when attempting to start it (from the window app and from Home):Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. (...

Speed Sculpts

Opening this thread up in anticipation of doing some speed sculpts later this evening. Everyone is all revved up for the big games in Tokyo, or maybe just working on their techniques in this area. Post quick sculpts and/or videos along with a time es...

Merging Layers of different resolutions in Medium

HiFirst, I'm loving the latest Medium update ! When I merge Layers of different resolutions before exporting, Medium crops the model to the highest resolution bounding box. For example, the body is Low res and the face is Hi res, Merging crops the bo...

bentoon by Level 3
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Oculus Medium 2.2!!

We’re celebrating the end of the year with our 2.2 Release! We’ve listened to your feedback and worked to improve Medium as a powerful object editor. Accidently moved the mirror tool? We’ve added Node Lock! Scene Graph confusing you? Check out the ne...

naycorn by Level 7
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Solid objects

This must've been posted before but I couldn't find it.Is there any way to create solid objects in Medium, meaning that the avatar won't go through like a ramp a piece of floor in say oculus home ?There are much bigger home maps now for Oculus homes ...

kobs57 by Level 7
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Darker Color Bug in Medium 2.2.4

When I select the clay tool and assign it a color, it will create clay in a much darker color. This bug seems to stick with the sculpt permanently - closing and reopening the app doesn't seem to fix the problem. I've run into this bug 3 or 4 times, s...

loxmyth by Level 2
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Anyone elses camera totally freak out?

I setup my Oculus at work and while holding the trigger on the left controller about every five seconds or so the camera will just do a complete 360 on its own. It's gotten to the point that it's driving me completely insane. the battery says complet...

Metrons by Level 5
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Odd Touch controller tracking bug?

I just spent about an hour in Medium, and several times, one of the controllers would stop tracking right, and start spiraling around my hand for a few seconds, then pop back to normal. Pretty sure I was well within the view of both cameras, and it's...

Nikorasu by Level 5
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