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bring back the old oculus home export resize system thingy

Level 3
when i started using medium it was really easy to export something to home you would put it in the export scene layer thingy and you could change relative cm m size manually and it would indicate how big the blua square is therefore getting something to be the exact size of 30 cm was allot easy. now a days it is not indicated how big the squares are and i havent found any ways to change it either. making it really difficult to get things to the exact size you want it to. 
so my request is please bring the old system back 

Level 7
Hi there! We still have that! Essentially we changed the name from Export Transform to Scene Origin. Learn how to use it here:

Hope that helped! 

Level 8
Its easier now to scale to the correct unit - as the scene origin is fixed at 0 world space - Just scale the sculpt layer withe Manip scale setting in meters. or switch the grid to cm or mm

Level 7
A more up to date explanation of the Sculpt Origin and how this has changed in more recent versions is here: