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scaling doesnt work

Level 2
can someone help me with the scaling options? scene origin doesn't show me anything useful, nor does it still show the "2 meter" plane to even scale my object to.
it also seems to be VERY buggy when trying to select layers, sometimes requiring multiple button presses to get a response, so its possible that its not selecting the right layer to scale. regardless, i've tried manipulating all the layers and none of them seem to have a consistent effect on the size of my item.


Level 7
We've moved things a bit around in 2.3 - now the best thing to use to get a real sense of scale in Medium is the "Grid" object in the scene graph, not the Scene Origin. Turn on the visualization, and then determine the grid size and units. Manipulating the layers relative to the grid size will enable you to have consistent and purposeful results when you export. 

As for your selecting layers problem, I'd love to see more details like a video to see what you mean!