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2nd iPhone paired to 1 handset.

Level 2

Download oculus app on iPhone. Logged info Facebook account on the app on my iphone. Turned on quest 2. Logged into the same Wi-Fi and Facebook account on the quest 2. Then on oculus app on iphone I am able to pair quest 2 and then cast to see what is happen on the quest 2 on my iphone. Great!

Now the big issue. My wife, kids, or whoever in the house wants too play. So we get my wife iphone. (Not my iPhone) download oculus app. Log into wife Facebook account. (Not my Facebook) now on quest 2 (THE SAME HEADSET) we make a 2nd account and log into wife Facebook. (Same Headset, same Wi-Fi) we go back to wife iphone and search for headsets so we can cast what wife is doing on her iPhone. It founds Headset and now ask for a code. We look into Headset and there is no code!


seems as you can only use 1 iphone per Headset. If this is true, the app should say, this Headset is already pair to another Device. Only 1 can be used. Vs now everyone in the world looking for a code that’s not there. Also, the website pairing page should also say only one device can be paired. 

very VERY Frustrating. The best part of VR is watching someone playing as you see what they see on another device and of course everyone wants to use there account and iPhone. 


Level 3

I have the EXACT same problem.  The question is, is this being fixed? 


To compound the problem you can only share apps FROM the paired account.  


I did a factory reset, changed the paired device and the software and have to switch accounts to actually access this software i bought.  


I am considering refunding all the software.  


This is the number one problem with any Facebook driven initiative - you can't have shared account without all the hoopla that goes along with it.  


Facebook / Meta ... what is the plan here???

Level 3

Agree 1000%  To only have the admin account have the casting features is RIDICULOUSLY LAME.  Its my daughter's headset, but my wife and I would like to play with it as well. I am never given the pairing code to pair with my phone. This is a really stupid feature, and does not make it family friendly at all. 

Level 3

Ohhhh it gets better... so i refunded beat saber, my wife buys it on her accounts and shares it with me, and i can play the game.


Then she buys the lady gaga music package and THAT is not shareable....


I have to log into her account to play the game with those songs.


This is a 100% FB/Meta abuse... 


on the flip - we bought a subscription to Supernatural, the head set pairs with multiple apps on multiple phones PLUS the subscriptions lets me add 3 (4 total) profiles so an entire family can use the service for the same price.  Exactly what you would expect and more.  Take facebook out of the equations and its done right.  


the sad part of it is, the hardware is great, the price is good... but the product / marketing team is narrow minded money grubbing short sighted scammers.


I have loathed facebooks from the beginning and this just reinforces exactly why.

Former game dev here. I cringed so hard when they bought Oculus. After seeing PSVR2 today, Im going to be taking mine back and waiting for that instead. Facebook will want your DNA next just to start the **bleep** thing. 

ha, current game dev here...  worst years of my career were any spent dealing with facebook.  Funnily enough the only reason I even have an account is for working on / wife games on that platforms.  Its a true Fakebook account. I have never made, read, looked at a post... only people on the account are devs and qa i have worked with.


PSVR2 looks nice...  what is it, like 12m out assuming they hold the timeline?



I would guess Q4 for sure, with a nice showing at Online E3. Man, I miss that conference. I would always pay my rent from the swag I would get. LOL

Level 2

Yes I was trying to pair my own phone with the Guest that is in my wifes account as she has her phone paired but no idea how to use it but I bought the quest 2 for her christmas, so I dont want to take over the accoundt as then it does not seem fair as it is her quest 2, but being unable to use my own phone on the app is rubbish not impressed