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360 photos have black vertical line

Level 2

Hi Community, 


This is my firs time posting in the forum so apologies in advance if I am not doing it properly!


I am creating 360 photos using my mirrorless camera and stitching the photos on my PC. I export the photo with a 2:1 ratio, 5400x2700 pixels (quest 2 max resolution is 5408x2736). I then upload it to the pictures folder and access it from the TV app-> my media. Then I use 360 projection.


The result is not too bad, however seems like the TV app doesn't fully close the 360 projection and leaves a vertical line of black pixels. This happens to all the photos I am creating. I have tried different pixel ratios and always the same problem. Do you have any recommendations to solve this? 


Thanks in advance!




Level 3

Same here, another forum message says this is a firmware bug that was introduced a couple versions ago. Before that it apparently worked fine. Not sure how to report a bug or whether anyone from Oculus reads these messages. It is a real pity. Apart from the black line images look great.   


If you use the free DeoVR you can see JPG images. (Not PNG) Pole issues are also gone. 

Level 2

same here on quest 2. seems a firmware/ scaling issue which obvs. needs correcting by Oculus

Level 3

Sorry I'm not answering to the question. As a true novice in this VR world, if I want to do the same thing; taking 360 picture and projected on Oculus quest 2, what kind of camera and software do I need ? I want to take beautiful scenery picture and viewed on VR headset. Any tips and point to document will be appreciated.