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A few questions for Link users

Level 9
Hey guys! So, Link has been out for a while now. I'm sure some of you use it regularly, as long as it works (gotta love Beta tests, lol). I don't own a Quest yet, but I may buy one if Link proves good enough. So, I have a few questions for current Link users:

- How is the Oculus Desktop inside the Quest? I love that feature on the Rift, but I find that resolution is a problem sometimes. I don't care about in-game graphics, but when I use the Oculus Desktop, to watch FHD movies for example, I would love a bigger resolution.
- Is it demanding on the computer? Did someone make comparisons between a Quest with Link and a Rift, to see how much more power it requires? A simple theoretical test is enough for me. For example, run Virtual Desktop and check the figures it gives, with each of those headsets. Or run a short 360 video and check the Windows Task Manager. All I want is some figures to compare between the two headsets, xD.

Thanks, guys! Hopefully the next Quest will have Link "integrated", so that it is a native PC headset instead of a streaming device...
Hyped for the Quest 2!

My hopes for VR next gen:
- Full Body Tracking. Come on, Oculus!
- Eye tracking with foveated rendering. Must reduce the power needs!
- More big-scale games. I need a true VRMMORPG!
- Bigger community.

"If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."