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A few thoughts on Blurriness i experienced with Quest 2

Level 8

Finally upgraded to the Q2 and i am blown away so much Crisper than i expected so it was on to testing and one of the first things i did try was the Jurassic Park Demos mainly " Blue " This was not very crisp on the Quest 1 so i thought it would look better on my New Quest 2 but No ... It seemed even blurrier and this pattern followed as i tried other content that on the Oculus TV that was not really so good on the Quest 1. Most looked worse yet the Games were a great improvement.


So i thought about this for a while using some logic and it kind of made sense .. If the quality of the VR Video was not amazing on the Quest 1 then you would get an enhanced blurred poor quality version on higher resolution making it look worse. Its a bit like watching a television program from 1970 on YouTube which on a crystal clear monitor looks ancient, Blurry with no clarity yet watching the same thing via an old TV with scanlines looks pretty normal and clear.


My conclusion was unless the old videos were enhanced then the better the Quest gets the worse these older videos will look. Now i am nots sure if this is the Blurriness users have reported but what i described makes perfect sense to me and most of the newer content on oculus TV looks amazing.


Just my thoughts .. I hope it makes sense.