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A good FrankenQuest 2 adapter kit?

Level 3
I have a HTC Vive deluxe audio strap getting posted and I need a good strong adapter kit to go with my Quest 2 and I'm always looking at the Business Company VR site but they are always sold out I have seen some on ebay but I dont know which ones are trustworthy that wont break under normal use. If there is a good trusted producer of a kit out there please let me know with a link

Level 3
They are all about the same. Three different ones and I couldn't tell them apart. Probably printed from the same template.

Level 8
 This is the one I bought in black
 I don't really think it matters though, I agree that they are all likely derived from the same free templates 3D printed. Not sure what the resin or polymer used in those but sure seems stronger than any styrene plastic. You're not going to break it akpuesws346x.jpg

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