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About the Quest 2 forcing you to connect to phone to access apps...

Level 2

This thread is NOT about having to use a phone to set up the device.  Honestly,  I'm fine with this.  My problem with the Quest 2 is that it requires me to use a phone AT LEAST once every 2 weeks in order to get access to the apps and programs that I ALREADY PAYED FOR.


I'm pretty sure that many of you that have a Quest 2 have noticed that sometimes when you turn on your device you'll be missing EVERY SINGLE APP that should be downloaded on your device.  (They're still there,  you just can't access them)   


Facebook's "fix" to this problem is for you to connect your device and open the oculus app with your phone while they're both connected to the same wifi.  I've had my Quest 2 for maybe 8 months now and I've had to do this process AT LEAST 20 times which is a bit **bleep**ing much if you ask me.  The first time it happened there was very little information on how to fix this so I ended up factory resetting my device and losing hundreds of hours of progress on all of my games.  Imagine how I felt when the solution was "just use your phone, dummy."


I'm pretty sure this is intentionally designed into the quest as to make sure you have the Oculus app installed on your device so "META" can get all that sweet analytic data.  It's gotten to the point that I'm no longer paying for new games on the quest.  Why the **bleep** would I pay money when Meta can decide when I can or can't have access to something I payed good money for.


You may ask, "Well what if it's a bug?"  If this is a bug than it hasn't been fixed even though I've been dealing with this problem since the first couple of weeks I've had the device.  Also... WHY THE **bleep** would you have to connect to a phone to fix the bug.


Logically you'd think that you could connect to the PC oculus app and it would fix this problem much like the phone app does. This would be much more convenient for me as I have a dedicated hotspot just for my quest to connect to my PC but NOPE!!!!  The data on your phone is just to valuable to pass on.  (Like, why would an app that's used to change settings and manage applications on the quest with absolutely no GPS features NEED to have your location in order to function lol...)


What's stupid is that... if this IS intentional then why not prompt the user with: "Please connect Headset to oculus app on Android device to continue."  This would've saved me the headache of factory resetting my **bleep**. 


My only guess is that they want you to have the app installed so they can get your analytics but the data on your quest and PC just aren't as valuable as your phone's.  So they designed the quest where its mandatory to open the app on your phone every once in a while to regain access to your quest apps.  BUT they don't want the bad PR of youtubers railing them about it being mandatory to log into your phone every 2 weeks in order to just use the device. (Remember the PR nightmare when Microsoft announced the Xbox One was going to force you to be Online 24/7?)


Solution:  Make it look like a bug so that instead of them blaming you for being greedy they blame you for being incompetent.  Which tbh is pretty smart on their end.  I'm kind of impressed.


I could also see this being a way to combat piracy but the whole installing the app to get your data angle just invalidates this in my opinion.  There's probably a hundred other ways to deal with piracy that's not as underhanded and downright annoying as this. (I.E. Let me use the **bleep**ing PC app **bleep** it)


I honestly wouldn't even care a single bit about having the app installed and them collecting data if It wasn't for them artificially locking all my apps.


Maybe if you want to legally collect data on people's phones,  Design something that will make people WANT to install.  Don't extort people into installing an app that they don't use just so they can keep access to the things that they already payed for. 


That being said, I've uninstalled the app.  I'm only reinstalling when I need to get access to my apps back, then immediately uninstalling.  Resident Evil 4 VR was fun and all but I'll be buying an index whenever I have the means to...