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Actual Nividia GeForce RTX 2060 Super Founder Editions specifications for use with Oculus Link

Level 4

Hi All,

If you’re
like me you may have a video card that doesn't quite cut it for Oculus Link and
want to get something better. My current video card is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050
Ti FTW, I know I know, but I had to cut cost somewhere.

 What I was
looking for was a Nvidia based 8 Gig card, with a USB Type-C port for use with
Oculus Link that would meet my rigs space requirements of 256.54mm maximum and
was on Oculus’ list of compatible cards. So, the hunt was on. Every card I
encountered did not meet what I was looking for in one aspect or another.  My system is a custom-built hard line liquid
cooled rig and I had limited space for my video card. Since I bought this card
specifically to use my computer with my Quest headset and Oculus Link I felt
this was the logical place to post my findings.

 The first
issue I ran into in my search and the primary reason I am posting this is a
lack of consistent information. One website lists a cards length as 9 inches another
site states the same card is 10.5 inches, another lists it as 11 inches etc.
One website says it has USB Type-C Virtual Link Port and says it doesn’t and so
on. I’m hoping at least in respect to the card I bought is the:

 The Nvidia
GeForce RTX 2060 Super Founders Edition Nvidia part number 900-1G160-2565-000.
The full specs on the card as cores, speed etc. is readily available on the net.
The specs I was interested in are as follows:

Length: 9.5
inches (241.3mm) Best Buys website where I bought it says 10.5 inches

Width: (dual
slot) 1.75 inches (44.45mm) which includes the fan shrouds

Height: 3.75
inches (95.25mm)

The card is powered
by a single eight-pin auxiliary power connector

Memory: 8 GB

Ports: HDMI
x1, DisplayPort x2, USB Type-C x1 and DVI x1 (A Nvidia tech told me this card
did not have a Type-C port). So they don’t even know their own specs

What’s in the
Box: 1 GeForce RTX 2060 Super Founder Edition video card, 1 Nvidia Support
guide and 1 Nvidia Quick Start guide. No adapters, cables, screws, DVD or other


I can’t tell
you how it functions yet as I haven’t installed it, I just wanted to post my
experience so far in the hopes it might help someone else who is having trouble
finding consistent info about this particular card. See the attached pictures
and if any one has any questions I will do my best to answer them. Also, if
your looking for this card DO NOT buy it off of Amazon, the seller there is
trying to scalp people, you can get it from BestBuy for the MSRP of $ 399.00.

Hope this helps someone.




Level 7
Got an Asus 2060 RTX Super here and it gives me a good performance even on Asgard's Wrath with Oculus link. It just did not have an USB -C port as yours ...

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Level 4

That's awesome. Finally got mine installed and the performance between my 1050 ti and the RTX 2060 Super is excellent. It was a good choice.


Level 7
I guess so. For me I am still on 1920x1080 but I want to run my games on a 144Hz monitor. So the 2060 super does a good job. 
German Oculus Quest / Go / Link Facebook Group ... join us