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Air/Link Doesnt Recognize XBox 360 Gamepad

Level 4


I finally fixed one Air Link stuttering problem by setting dynamic bit rate to 0 in Oculus Debug and now my Xbox 360 wireless pc gamepad won't work all of a sudden. It does still work with Steam...but suddenly won't work natively with Oculus Rift Link or AirLink software. I now need to load SteamVR from my Library in the Oculus Quest Homepage and then run my games from there--for the gamepad to be recognized. Gamepad also still works with Virtual Desktop, so I believe the issue is a Link/AirLink one. Any one have an advice or suggestions for Xbox gamepad not being recognized by Link or AirLink all of a sudden. It was working previously and I've reinstalled the gamepad a few times already. I'm baffled as usual as to why this big company can't figure out the basics, and why we have to act as their perpetual unpaid beta testers? Sorry but its true! : (