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Air Link Lagging

Level 2


I have been having issues with the air link on my quest 2 and can not figure out the problem. When entering air link from my computer and entering any game low or high end it starts to have very laggy and low frame like movements. When trying to enter through my brother's computer with the same oculus quest 2 his runs as smooth as butter. I've looked at everything possible to fix the situation. I have lowed the MBS which helped a little bit, lowed graphics, and even tried messing with oculus settings but to my luck found nothing. Our specs aren't too far off from each other and I know my pc can handle it. I have a 1080 ti, i5-6500, and 16 GB ram. We both have ethernet cables connected to our computers for fast connections that were installed less than a week ago. Any suggestions would help. 

Thank you.