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Air Link destop monitor tab issues

Level 3

Hi all

I used too have a Quest and now upgraded to Quest 2 ...used to use virtual desktop to run my steam vr games wirelessly.

Now since having the Quest 2 ive been using Air Link to play my Oculus pc games wirelessly ...and works great.

Now when i click on the destop monitor tabs ...(have 2 as have a 4k tv as one and a 10inch panel for diagnostic readout as other ) i get a blank screen with some massive orange logo in middle if remember righly.

If move contollers around , say off screen then destop comes up ...soon as point to destop it goes off .

Used to work fine on virtual destop ...but not installed it on my new quest as Air Link is supposed to be better.

I heard you can link steam vr to oculus app but cannot get onto my destop lol.

Anyone had this issue before ?

Any help most appreciated.