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Air-Link image problem!

Level 2


I have this problem when I use air-link, when I start playing or in desktop mode, it's ok for a few minutes but after that gradually its start to do those artifacts only in HMD it does it even in oculus home at some point If I don't move my view... My system specs are CPU i7 6700k @4200 Mhz, GPU asus rog strix RTX 2080, 32 Gb of ram, asus maximus hero VIII motherboard and the router I use its a wi-fi 6 Tp-Link Archer 1800 (AX20) it says I have an excellent connection and 1200 Mbit transfer range, router is dedicated only for the quest 2. I changed the bit rate from dynamic to fixed put it on 100 and still has the same problem. Please help