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Air link not working

Level 2

Every time I try to air link my oculus quest 2, it allows me to click on pair, but won't connect or launch. I have tried restarting both my laptop and my oculus, uninstalling the oculus app, disconnect and reconnecting the wifi and nothing seems to help. 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, thank you for bringing this to the community. We understand how frustrating this is to you. We'd love to help you figure this out! When it comes to Air Link not working it could be because multiple reasons. Let's try the following troubleshooting steps below. 

  • Make sure that your network is setup correctly
    • Check that both of your PC and HMD are on the same local network and neither of them is on the VPN
    • Make sure your firewall is not blocking the TCP port 5669
  • Try toggling on/off the Air Link toggle in Oculus PC Software> Settings > Beta.

If you are still having difficulty pairing your headset with your laptop please submit a support ticket here.