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Air link support for Windows 11

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Air link doesn't work on windows 11 yet. Please we need a fix


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The current, best fix is to go roll back to win10.  There are a few current workarounds and maybe trying wireless with Virtual Desktop may help some.  Otherwise, wait until Oculus and Steam officially supports win11.  The ultimate fix is going to be getting official Steam and Oculus support imho.  Hopefully in the near future.  


Also pretty silly to upgrade to a new OS like win11 anyway, esp, since win10 will be supported until 2025.  Even new PC;s can normally be ordered with win10 instead of win11.  In any case these can also easily be rolled back to win10 and later upgraded to win11 since the use the same product key.


In any case, hopefully Oculus and Steam will officially support win11 soon.

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It's not silly to upgrade to windows 11. We all should be able to tryout the new OS after a ridiculous amount beta time and expect peripheral support from a company that is rolling in billions.  It doesn't even matter if Win10 is getting supported until 2060.  There's just no excuses (including yours) this shouldn't have already been accommodated for.  The reason this is on the back burner is because Meta wants to generate all of the game revenue and let Steam take a back seat.  Wireless SteamVR is going to get shelved and people will be furious for many months to com3. It's not even an option to transfer your purchased Steam games to Oculous like other platforms do.  This isn't an accident.