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AirLink got blurry sometime

Level 3

I have a rtx 3070 and a wifi6 router at 1 meter with VD and ALVR and oculus link everything work perfectly fine but with air link i got masive quality drop like all become blurry so i try to disable dynamic bitrate and instead of become blurry ( like 20-30 mbs) its become unplayable( like if i'm playing at 15 fps)  when it start laggy luckily these peek of drop bitrate doesn't last more than 10 second at pop up randomly but i don't get these king of lag with any other program. I supose its a problem with oculus encoding/decoding process that cause that because of i have only 8gb vram but why is ok with link ? i want to mention that i try to reset debugtool and that i play with ASW forced On (i get these peek without this setting too)   so my GPU it not even max out usage when i play and still have a decent smooth experience.


Level 16

Maybe try ASW = off.  This can help if you have a fairly strong gpu (like you have) because often when asw kicks in you can get stutter and short-term blurries/artifacts.  Also try reducing your graphics setting so you do not need to jump into asw to begin with.

9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Quest 2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro.

Level 3

Like i said even with this setting off is lagging too and i have asw forced on that mean that instead of running only when its lagging its always on that lock the fps to 45 and do a process to create 1 frame for 1 frame to get 90 fps and if you never try this... try it its like really really smooth its never lag but my problem seem to be specific with air link cause with oculus link its never lag maybe that my router is not good enough its a dlink ax1500 so its like wifi6 low end at like 90$ but why its worked with VD and ALVR i see many people like me that have the same issue and for now no solution in sight that why i wright this to oculus respond me something to do cause when its working its good but these lagging peek are so annoying that ruin all the experience and why asw its really good when forced on its that you can crank up all setting cause you only need to have a stable 45 fps for the game running really well.