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Airlink=Why has everything started lagging?

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About 5 months ago or so, I was playing games just fine over my 5ghz router. Then all of the sudden, (maybe 3 months ago?), everything started lagging. I get black corners and things stretching out weirdly, delays, audio stutter etc.


I have checked my router and the only thing that is using the 5ghz network is the oculus quest 2. All other stuff in the house is either wired or using 2.5ghz


What could be wrong? I *could* get a wifi 6 router, but since it was working fine earlier, what has happened?

Is this a widespread issue? Or just me?

I mean, the neighbours could have gotten a new wifi system, and therefore affecting my system... but still, I' standing about 3 meters from the router and still stuff is laggy.

I have 1000mbps internet in the house and the headset is using 5ghz i should theoretically be fine.

So a new wifi 6 router or is this somehow an oculus software problem? (just did a clean install adter banging my head against the wall).


Level 2

And by the way, my oculus debug tool is looking like this:


Should be good, right?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

One possibility would be network interference--a neighbour might be on the same channel as you on their 5 GHz network. You could go into your router settings and check for channel congestion, or just switch it to a different channel and see if things improve.


Another possibility is something on your PC eating up encoding bandwidth. Software that uses an onscreen overlay tends to use the encoding chip on your GPU (Typical ones include FPS counters, Steam overlay, system monitoring tools, overclock programs, RGB control software, night-mode colour-modifying software, etc). Recording or streaming software is another culprit (stuff like Nvidia Shadowplay, Overwolf, Discord, or anything that records in the background to allow you to capture clips of your gameplay).


Your GPU can only have two or three encoding sessions active without getting bogged down. I have problems with notification pop-ups when I'm playing through Link--if I get an achievement in Medal of Honor, my screen goes all wavy and stuttery as soon as the notification pops up, and goes back to normal when the pop-up disappears.


Look at what's running in the background, and try shutting down any apps that have the ability to overlay messages on your screen, or anything that sounds like the list I gave above.

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Hey jorgensentroels, we see you're having some issues with using your device on Air Link. We know how lagging can greatly interrupt your gameplay, and we hope to have you gaming smoothly in no time.


We recommend making sure your drivers are up to date. The article linked here refers to Rift products, but it still applies because we want to make sure we have a good PCVR experience. We hope this helps correct your lagging issue.


If you still need assistance after updating your graphics drivers, please submit a support ticket with all the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. We will be happy to help. 😊👍

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I am having the exact same issue. Mine used to work perfectly fine then all of a sudden it starts lagging like crazy. have a good wifi connection and my computer is perfectly fine,i have tried using the debug tool, factory resetting, installing new drivers yet nothing has worked.

Level 15

If your PC isn't Ethernet wired to your router don't expect great results with either Air Link or Virtual Desktop.  Also, you need to be using dedicated 5Ghz wifi without any band steering.  Also worth trying different wifi router channels.  I've found channel 36 works best for me.  I have a wifi5 1gig router ethernet wired (5e cable) to my PC with wifi 2-3m away from my play area and I've directed everyone else to dedicated 2.4. 


For me, Air Link works great with my Q2.  Since the last few Oculus/Quest updates I don't even bother to use my official Link cable or Virtual Desktop anymore. 

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Hi i am new to the quest 2, so when i go into air link i get massive black lines bad tracking if any lag spikes i am on a 1gb internet connection (i know doesnt go by speed of internet) i have put my hub 4 from virgin in ac only, changed everyone to 2.5ghz so the quest is the only thing on the connection, checked the debug tools all normal moved the router more times than ever and still nothing works i get connecting very strong link but no dice.

my specs are i59600k and a GTX 980ti passed the steam vr readiness with flying colours i have no idea what is causing this contacted isp and they said it all should be working great any help would be great, i even reset the device and reinstalled the oculus software

Also taken xbox game bar off, and all overlays to no avail 

Level 2

okay with virtual desktop everytime i moved the controllers i got desktop latency of 900+ms which i know is bad how can i fix that?